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RB: another question please...

RB: another question please...

I’ve been taking your suggestion of dry jelqing and it’s awesome! The pump I get is 100 times better than wet jelqs.

My question is that I know you did 5 or 6 five minute sessions a day to achieve your initial gains, and I’m assuming that these mini sessions were because of your work schedule and bathroom breaks etc.? I’m wondering if these mini sessions could be attributed to your excellent progress with dry jelqs. I myself was thinking of starting with 2 sessions a day of 250 jelqs each session and working up in reps from there. What do you think of this idea? Would it maybe be better to do all 500 reps at once? Or what about 5 sessions of 100 reps each(although that would be tough with my schedule. The 2 sessions of 250 seems most capable). And lastly, how many days a week would you recommended I dry jelqued taking into account the rep numbers above? I was thinking of a 2 on 1 off?

Thanks for your time

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Glad things are working our for you :)

Yes, I’ve always done my pe in multiple sessions throughout the day due to my work schedule, M-F. I don’t know if this is what accounted for my results or not, as other’s have reported stellar gains doing their pe all at once.

Other than that, I’d be purely speculating, so I suggest you try what you propose and see how your dick reacts to it.

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Thanks RB

Actually, I had an idea that I’m going to try. I’m going to shoot for 500 reps of dry jelqs a day, 5 days a week. Each day I will make myself complete 500 reps depending on my schedule. So that means some days I can do all 500 at once, or 2 sets of 250, or 5 sets of 100, as long as I complete 500 a day, then I’ll slowly add reps from week to week. I think this will help keep things interesting and break up the monotony by doing different rep and set schemes each day.

thanks again and I’ll keep you posted on results.

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

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