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Just started PE and excited

Just started PE and excited

Hi Guys! I’ve been lurking around here for about 6 months and figured it was time to tell my story. I’ve always been aware that I’m at best average in size. Sometimes seeing friends (a number of whom are pretty big, go figure), or looking at porn (I know I shouldn’t compare, but I do), I can’t help but think how much better I’d feel about myself, and perhaps how much more my fiancé would like it, if I had a bigger dick. I’ve been teased on and off most of my life about the size of my dick, and knowing it is average hasn’t really made me feel much better. So I started looking around and I stumbled onto PE and this website. I’ve learned tons thanks to everyone posting here, and am coming to believe this stuff might actually work for me after some attempts over the past few months. I’ve tried stretching, jelqing and pumping. I am still learning, but think maybe a combination of all three approaches will work. I’ve already made some small gains. It’s enough for me to try more!

Starting measurements
FL = 3.5
FG = 3.75
NBPEL = 5.75
EG = 4.75

As you can see, nothing to be too excited about!

So, after about 2 months of on and off again stretching, jelqing, and pumping (no really set routine yet, but working at it) roughly at a “beginners” level as recommended on this site.
FL = 3.8
FG = 4.0
NBPEL = 6.0
EG = 4.75

The results are not much, but there is definite improvement and I am WAY encouraged!

My goals are modest:
FL = 4.75
FG = 4.25
NBPEL = 6.5
EG = 5.5

If I can do this it will be a 50% increase in erect volume, I will have a flaccid dick I can be proud of, and it will certainly be something my fiancé will notice (and I’m pretty sure enjoy!). I have already seen NBPEL of 6.2 and EG of 5.3 after pumping, so I think I am heading in the right direction, thanks to all the advice of the posters on this great website!

Hey! I’m just getting started and have only done stretching and jelqing for about four days now. Part of the reason I’m writing you is that I’m exactly the same starting size as you were. Perhaps I’m a bit smaller when flaccid but I find that I’m very variable when flaccid anyway. My goal is to add about 1/2” a year until I can get to 7” erect with a relatively good girth.. Perhaps 5.75 or so. That maybe a bit ambitious but I think 1 1/2” is doable if I give myself 3 years. The most important thing to me is I want no injuries, red dots or a thrombosis vein. So I’m starting slow and going careful. One downside for me is I have to be very discreet as my wife would completely flip out if she knew I was doing this. First she would think that it’s a waste of time as she is quite cynical anyway. Second, she would probably think I’m doing it for unsavory purposes (IE another women). So I can’t use devices or at least I haven’t figured out a way yet to use one without it being obvious. I’m considering an ADS type device that I can put on in the bathroom at work and then wear through the day and then take off again before I get home. Not sure how much they help though.

Anyways, good luck to you and I’ll try and keep everyone updated on my progress.

Wow, going well. Just make sure you are consistent. Good Luck on your journey :)

Congrats skinny!

Tryingtobebig, Im the same boat, no way she would understand.


Start Date Nov 05 2006: BPEL (5.50) NBPEL (5.0) E .Girth(4.75) F. Length(4.00) F. Girth(4.25)

Last Meas June 14 2007: BPEL (7) NBPEL (6) E .Girth(5.50) F. Length(4.125) F. Girth(4.50)

I am also with the idea of no devices. Manual stetching all the way for me until I am 100% confident about using devices such as pumps *shivers* on my penis.

Hey guys, it is nice to see newbies with realistic goals.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by iamaru
Hey guys, it is nice to see newbies with realistic goals.

Thanks iamaru (and everyone else who responded). I have to confess that when I first started reading about PE I was very skeptical. However, the more I read, and thought about it, the more it seemed possible. And, of course, there are the apparent 100’s of people here with success stories. What are the chances that so many people get together to make up stories?

The exciting thing to me is that I really think that I can achieve my goal (6.5 x 5.5). I just need to calm down now, the initial small gains have spurred me on, and I have to be careful to not get too enthusiastic too soon!

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