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Get Excited PE Works

Get Excited PE Works

Hello fellow pe’rs here’s my story, I started PEing on 9/20/06 didn’t know if it would work but I decided to give it a try I started with the newbie routine (2on 1 off). I can honestly tell you that even though it’s only been a month I can see/feel a huge difference my penis looks bigger, fatter stronger has more veins and is definitely harder than it used to be , but the best thing about PEing is the reaction I get from my wife ,she’s making noises during sex that I have never heard , in the past she’s been reluctant to give head but now she’s getting into it. Since starting PE these are some of the things I have heard during sex ,that it fits so well, she said she could feel the head deep in her, it feels so hard ,it’s perfect, it feels bigger ,”somethings different I don’t know what it is” and plenty of repeated requests to give it to her. Not to mention that I now last longer than I used to ,she now begs for me to cum (tired pussy).

Something else that I did that helped me alot was telling her what I was doing ,you see I was PEing at work,yes I was a undercover jelqer ;-0 , but it was really affecting my schedule , so what I did was I did a 2 weeks trial run , I started PEing without her knowledge I did this because I wanted to tell if she would be able to notice any changes, it’s at this point that I was hearing the comments that I posted earlier . I avoided telling her at first because I wanted to be sure that the exercises were working as most good wives will tell you it’s working even if it’s not just to make you feel good .when I saw that the results were positive I mentioned exercises for growth to her , her reply ” honey you don’t need those it’s perfect for me” (translation= it’s OK I’ll settle for what you have) I then told her of my routine and told here all what she had been saying lately and she agreed that yes she does like it I asked her how big to go, her response keep on, so guys you know your ladies tell them if your comfortable it helps to have support and even if they have a headache they might let you use them to check your progress :-) something else that’s funny is that she gets turned on knowing I’m making my penis bigger for her(I’m so nice) and she always checks with me “have you worked out today” I guess she’s into it

So guys if you want my opinion try it (pe) it works the results are great,it has helped my sex life thanks to all at Thunders

By the way I have not measured since starting,but I’m in no rush as I’ve seen enough progress

Great story FH, keep up the good work. :thumbs:

Well done! keep it up! we all love to hear stories like this, thanks.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Except your start date is wrong. :)

LOL I noticed that too.

Good story. Keep up the good work and good luck.

Lol 3 days with gains dannnnnnng

Start: NBP: 6 - Girth: 4.7

Now: NBP: 7 - Girth: A hair below 5"

Goals: NBP - 7.5 .... Girth - 5.5

O sh-t wrong date,good catch guys the real date was 8/20/06 please forgive me I’m new at posting so cut me some slack will ya .


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