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Does pe work cutting throught the b.s.

Does pe work cutting throught the b.s.


Like many newish members here, I have faithfully pulled and bent my unit with the best of them (7 mos) and struggled with the concept of whether PE Actually works or not, and if it does so, whether it can work for most people, and not just a lucky few.

The general flexibly of the unit and our own tremendous desire for growth and the fact that there is not an abundance of picture evidence and that others make outlandish claims for commercial or personal reasons doesn’t really help the truth seeker either.

My thinking was to eliminate all the gainers that may have a reason for gaining other than PE and conversely which characteristics would the hardest gainers share.

I concluded unfortunately that I should be the ultimate hard gainer !! And I will describe why and what my own experience has been later.

Young guys: say up to 30 years (still growing).
I eliminated this group entirely because I think the penis probably keeps growing on it’s own until 25 or so, I have no facts to back this up at all, but if an 18 year old experiences growth of a couple years, it may be part aging as well as PE, lets face it how big was yours as a boy/young man probably not as big as now right ?.

Older guys, say over 50 years (recovering lost size).
I eliminated this group because I think many of the gainers here recover lost size, perhaps they get into a relationship and have sex less often or they pretty much forget about sex, others get overweight and have bad blood flow, all contribute to unit shrinkage, that with a few brief months of PE can recover most lost size.

I am not saying the above group does not gorw as well, they do, but just that the “other” gorwth clouds the effectiveness of pure PE
That would leave guys say 30 to 50 years, that for the most part are fully mature and who’s sexual interest has probably not wained yet, ie they are still active and have a conditioned tool, ie no lost size to regain.

At 45 years I fit into that category, also I have an overabundant sex life and I am in great shape (blood flow) ie my unit is very well conditioned and shouldn’t grow too much at all :( .

In addition I have been passively doing PE for years without knowing it, which should make it harder for me to gain from my starting stats as I have had all the easy gains already.
(If your wondering, I have done erect bends, lying down on it pointing down or putting it under my thigh for years as a source of pleasure, intense pain and I’ll keep it in that state for hours at a time).

The point is I should be the guy that sees no growth if it’s not possible right ?
1 I’ve stopped growing as I am obviously a mature adult (physically anyway) so no easy gains there
2 I have no lost size to recover from age or inactivity, so no easy gains there
My unit is not only conditioned but I have been PE ing for years without knowing it.

So what is my story ? Well I had to think back to me measuring occasionally as we all have as kids and adult, in my 20’s maybe only 7.6” length and I don’t know girth,
In my early 30’s not quite 8”x6” maybe shy as much as 0.125” to 0.25” in both directions, no way was I a solid 8”x6”.

Now when I started PE ing through thunders 7mos ago I took accurate measurements and I was just over 8” BPEL and just a hair over 6” girth, .1” max over that in both directions on a really good day
So lets take that as starting measurements pre PE even though I have experienced great growth throughout my adult hood (through the erect bends mostly I guess but who knows for sure)

Now with that kind of history I should be done right ? No more gains right ? But remarkably that hasn’t been the case, I measure last night and after following the truly amazing community advice here I am a little over 8.4” and 6.3” and I am always very Conservative measuring now.

So.. Despite my previous history, ie the hardest gainer group I have STILL made gains, but what more remarkable is if we look at those gains from a volume point of view, the difference between 8”x6” and 8.4”x6.3” is about 18%, thats 18% more volume in a little more that half a year. (27 cu “) Thats a lot of extra unit to fill a pussy, the difference in girth in my hand is especially noticeable, I doesn’t even feel like my unit, I am still getting used to it.

Am I pleased ?, do I want more?, is Thunderplace and all the good folks here awesome ? The answer is a resounding YES.

FYI this has been with just manual shower work mostly, although I am now just incorporating horse440’s and the dld blasters which I am very excited about

Anyway I didn’t mean to post so long, but wanted to share these observations whether they are right or Wong is open to debate and I welcome thoughts please , although not at all scientific it proves to me anyway that YES PW absolutely works, we all just need “time in” like most other things in life consistency pays off.

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Originally Posted by pabs
YES PW absolutely works, we all just need “time in” like most other things in life consistency pays off.

Not being consistent will throw off gains. I’ve been down that road several times. However, if you’re consistent and rarely take a day off, then it’s only a matter of time before your body adapts to the stress and expands its tissue.

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003

pabs, maybe this would be of interest to you.


I now see there have been more votes. I’ll have to see if anything has changed since my earlier evaluation of the chart at 75 votes.

Interesting theory.

I don’t think your penis grows too much after around 16 years old. You might get a few centimeters of girth but thats about it.

Originally Posted by seyz
I don’t think your penis grows too much after around 16 years old. You might get a few centimeters of girth but thats about it.

It’s widely accepted in the medical community that the male human body continues to grow until about the age of 21 or 22.
In fact just the other night Dr. Drew and Adam had this debate with a caller on the Loveline radio program. Of course Dr. Drew also said that after this age your stuck with what you have, and yes this was in reference to dick size. I did also have several friends that were of small stature (height wise) during our school years and then had noticable growth spurts sometime between after high school and their early 20’s. It only stands to reason that your dick could continue to grow during this time also, until your body has indeed finished growing. I do think some of this “you stop growing at age ….” logic is flawed anyways. Just go to your 20th high school reunion and take notice of how some people have changed. It’s my personal belief that anything alive and breathing can be altered and made to change if the right factors are brought into play.

Well, also with people whos penises finish growing at around 25, also most likely started puberty later than others. There are some people who can have there penises grow for a longer time, but a majority of peoples stop around 16-18. Some a little earlier and some a little later.


pabs, great post…I am near your age but not anywhere near your situation. My sex life has been pretty much just PE over the last year- ha, ha…I’m a confirmed way hard gainer without a gain in the last 12 months. Which routines do you attribute your gains too? Thanks for the post -it was very encouraging….Best…

Start 030104 EBPL: 6.25" EG : 5.6" Mid LOT : 7:30 GOAL: 0.25 in any direction...."I'm not picky"- length would be nice "GIVE ME A %&#'N INCH OR GIVE ME DEATH"

Originally Posted by seyz
I don’t think your penis grows too much after around 16 years old. You might get a few centimeters of girth but thats about it.

16? My dick had maxed out at age 14. I’m sorry, but I don’t buy that shit about the dick growing until 18, 20, 22 years of age. If it has in some rare instances, then some type of malady or condition must be present. Dick growth is associated with puberty - and some boys are well into puberty at age 12. Sure the body changes all through life - everything changes. That’s known as the Law on Entropy - all things are slowly but surely moving to their demise.

But the first time I saw 6.5” on the ruler I was 14. And I saw that same 6.5” at 16, 18, 20, etc. And that’s about when I stopped measuring - until I was 37 and saw, to my horror, that I had shrunk to 6 1/8”. But my dick had never been bigger than the 6.5” it was at age 14 - until I began PE. :)

I agree totally with Wad, I have always been pretty paranoid about my size and measured it quite often. It stopped growing at the age of 14. I’m sure some guys continue to grow after that age but there is no way guys are still growing at the age of 25.

From what I’ve read many times over on surveys, the penis stops growing at age 16 even though the rest of the body might grow some more. Possibly because it is an external organ without any bones, and it only grows in the hormone fluctuation of puberty. In several valid documents I’ve read, scanning countless size surveys, I noted that they just recently changed the age the penis stops growing from age 17 to age 16. I’m not saying that I agree with this information, that is just what I have read numerous times on different sites.

Great posts Pabs! Consistency does pay off.

Hi Pabs, I think we joined around the same time, hence we are in the same class (school wise).

At first I was feeling sorry for, as I felt I was the ultimate hard gainer (0 at last measuring), then I see you gained .4! That’s .1 short of a 1/2 inch, that aint bad! :)

Last time I looked at the poll, mentioned by Beenthere, 25% of the guys were 0 to .2 so you are in a the next class above that.

Good luck in your quest.

cead mile failte :lep:

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