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Just Started PE 2Days ago

Just Started PE 2Days ago

Now my penis hangs a little curved to the left.why?is it normal?I have to stretch is to the right more to even it out huh?I need help.I’m doing one day on one day off so today I’m off help asap thanks!


Curves are normal. I don’t worry about mine.

A severe curve can be a medical condition. You’ll have to do a search, I don’t remember the name of the condition.

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i have a bit of a curve to the left also. dont worry about it if it doesnt hurt. also it will naturally straighten up a bit from jelqing if you apply a certain grip. Take a look at the link I’m sending and scroll down to “Grip”. Read the second paragraph under the “Grip Factors” table. It tells you how to adjust your grip for jelqing to correct a curve.

Jelq and Jelqing

You can jelq against the curve, but curves are typically pretty tough to fix, so don’t be expecting any quick fixes for the most part.

I think what he is saying is since he has started jelging it hangs to the left.

Either way, Jelg against it to help straighten it out.

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