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Just JelQs

Just JelQs

Hi guys,

I’m a fairly busy guy, and still living with my parents at home so I don’t have much time to PE. I was wondering if I could get gains just by warming up, and Jelqing? Instead of doing stretches and all. My gf says she’s happy with my size, but I wouldn’t mind getting a bit more girth. Currently at a bit under 15cm long, but girth is only about 11cm. Could I just stick to a purely-Jelq routine and get some gains? Thanks.

Sure, you could do, but stretches aren’t half as time consuming as jelqs, especially when done in the shower or as rudementary piss-pulls (yes light stretches while visiting the little boys room, after urinating that is). In a whole day you should be able to find time to perform both adequately.

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If all you have time for is one exercise, jelqs would be my choice.

In fact, that is all I do during my formal workouts.

I do 30-50 one second stretches throughout the day. Basically piss pulls.

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Chronostone, you gained an inch doing pretty much only jelqs? Is that what im hearing?

Originally Posted by dlm4
Chronostone, you gained an inch doing pretty much only jelqs? Is that what im hearing?


Sept. 4, '07: BPEL 6.875 inches, EG widest 5.25

Goal: Double digits

Cool, thanks for your input fellas.

Chronostone, did you get any girth gains?

This is how I’m going to start actually. I am just going to jelq , no stretching and anything , just jelqing. I hope I see some gains!

Good jelqing contains an element of stretching .

When done properly, it expands and stretches, and should be the foundation of any good program .

What percentage of erection are you doing the jelqs at meiji? For some reason I have been doing it at 100% and I think that could be the main cause of me not seing any gains.

I’m doing them at about 60~80%, but today I developed a small pin-prick sized red spot, so I’m gonna rest until that goes away.

Jelqing at 100% erection levels is dangerous, even for the advanced PE practitioner, actually even 60~80% is pushing the upper limits .

Keep your erection levels more around 30~50%, and you will much better off, both with gains and with safety.

Those red spots are telling you something, make sure to listen .

I am stealth too and had a thread up about it — So far, on the advice of many, I am having good luck splitting up my routine:

Warm-up and jelqing in the AM

Warm-up and stretching in the PM

Jelqing takes some prep — mental (get a semi-erection and keep it) and physical (put some lube on and clean it off when done).
On the other hand, stretching takes hardly any prep at all and is easy to do.

In the morning I am up considerably earlier than everybody else, so that is a good time for jelqing.

In the afternoon/evening, it is easy to go into the bathroom and stretch for a few minutes.

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