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Just Jelqing

Just Jelqing

I was wondering if anyone has made gains from just Jelqing and manual stretching?

Iv been doing PE for 3 months and have gained about 1/2 an inch in length, I wondering if I will have to change my routine.

I’ve made plenty of gains just by Jelqing and stretches. As a matter of fact those 2 exercises are the key to my success in my opinion.

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Most of my gains have come from jelqing and stretching. I have gained 3cm in length and a little over 1cm in girth in a period of about 4½ years.

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Originally Posted by RonnySteel

Iv been doing PE for 3 months and have gained about 1/2 an inch in length, I wondering if I will have to change my routine.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. A half-inch is a great acheivement for starters, so stick with what you’re doing. Adding more may put too much strain on your penis. Jelqing and stretching are the cornerstone of successful manual PE, and you are reaping the rewards. :up:

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Cheers dude, I will do

I am somewhat new to stretching and jelqing also. I added an inch to my flaccid length and 1/2 inch to my BPEL as well as 1/2 inch to my EG in little over 1 month. I mainly just do light stretching and jelqing (I started with a pretty high LOT, so the stretching probably worked my ligaments pretty quickly). I am still doing newbie routine stuff - but I am starting to add a light ULIs to my routine (for me, I get the girth workout without the time needed for jelqing - plus my member seems to get over the tired feeling faster from light ULIs than from jelking). I am pretty happy with my current size (7” BPEL, 5.75 EG, 5.24 BPFL), so I am more into cementing what I have.

As drilla9 says, if it ain’t broke - don’t fix it! Good luck!

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Over three years and jelqing and stretching is all I do. I have had a few insignificant gains here and there. Hehehehe!

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Listen to these guys. These exercises are the only way to go. You may end up with close to 3 inches of gain just like kingpole did. If you ask nicely he may even take you into his mentor program!

19th Feb 2012

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