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Just doing stretches, is this okay


Just doing stretches, is this okay

I’ve been doing the newbie routine for a little over 2 months with like .2” length gains, I just don’t have time to Jelq anymore so is it bad that I only stretch for now? BTW my LOT is really high(it has a lot of tug back when its at a high angle). Also, I wanna purchase a pump soon, what site do you suggest I buy from?

I’m no expert on LOT, but I thought it was the angle where you DIDN’T have any tug back which was your LOT angle. So if you’re getting a lot of tug back at high angles, this is not your LOT. You need to keep going through (or down) the LOT clock until you reach the angle where you have no visual tug back. I can’t comment on the pump, but I think stretching would still give you gains, if you did it often and long enough. Anything has got to be better than nothing.

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Isn’t LOT theory obsolete?

I’m no expert, but I think jelqing has value in expanding the tissue with blood. Especially if the tissue is newly expanded from PE, jelqing seems like it’s a good thing to do.

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My LOT is like non existent, I have tug back at every angle!! Whattttt!! Also, what if I don’t have time to jelq? I’ve been doing it for 2 months so far so my penis should be conditioned, is it time I buy one of those water pumps everyone goes crazy about?

Are you going by feel or sight? I think the theory goes by if you can see tug back.

I’m going by sight. I can’t see tug back after I get down low like pointing towards the ground

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Pointing down would be around 6 to 7 LOT. Although, don’t accept what the theory says completely, because it has been largely refuted.

Okay, would you suggest pumping? maybe from this site I could buy one then use it on my winky, should I? I’m dedicated to streches just not jelqs anymore because of privacy and such.

2013-05-15 Bpel 7.500 Eg 5.750

2013-07-23 Bpel 7.750 Eg 5.750

I have no personal experience with pumping (yet). If you absolutely can’t get in a routine with jelqing and you aren’t interested in any other PE methods, then I see nothing wrong with a basic pumping/stretching routine. Be sure not to fall for the advertising, I’ve never heard of anyone getting any significant gains from pumping alone.

Pumping is not done alone, but with jelqing. Jelqing is the deadlift of PE, although you can build a great body without deadlift you’ll have to work more and neverthless something will always be missing.

Alright, well then what routine (including jelqing, stretches, and pumping) would you suggest for me?

2013-05-15 Bpel 7.500 Eg 5.750

2013-07-23 Bpel 7.750 Eg 5.750

The newbie routine is working, why changing anything? If you are so tempted by pumping that you can’t resist, than add one set of 5 minutes at the end of the session at low pressure for the first week, 2 sets after a couple of weeks, than three sets after another 2-3 weeks.

And forget about LOT, it is meaningless.

According to the LOT theory, gains will come slower and harder for me.. So I hope it’s meaningless! I agree the newbie routine is good, especially since you gained .2” in only 2 months. It would probably be best to stick with that routine until you stop seeing gains.

Sorry to butt in but when you say stop seeing gains. How long of a time frame is it to say you are not gaining anymore before you should change up your routine. So you aren’t spending extra months of time for no gains.

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