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JelqingStretching at work

JelqingStretching at work

First off guys, I’m new here, so go easy on me..

I’ve been “lurking” for a while, and have been on my first routine for about a week now. The thing is, I’m 28 with a full time job, a wife, and not a ton of alone time. That being said, I try to get my first “sets” in early in the a.m. During my shower (stretching and 50+ jelqs). From that point, I’m more or less tied to my desk except for a few low points in the day..

I’ve been having some “extended bathroom breaks” that allow me to anonymously get in some further stretching/jelqing. It’s usually limited to 10-15 minutes at a time, but I figure two or three of these breaks a day are better than nothing, right?

So to boil it down to two questions:

1) Does anyone else follow a similar routine at work?

2) Will I see gains while spreading my routine out throughout the day?

For what it’s worth (and I’m just estimating here, didn’t do my “official” measurements prior to starting this a week ago), I’m already seeing noticeable difference in my flaccid hang and girth (I also do fowfers throughout the day), and maybe even a smidge of EL increase too. Thoughts?

I’m not married, but hopefully some of the married guys will chime in on their experiences with including their wives in their PE routines or at least being open about it with them. I for one let my girlfriends know that I PE once I know we’re comfortable enough for that.

Also, I use an ADS (all-day stretch) while at work (it’s concealed if you do it right), but you might want to wait a little while before getting that advanced.

I'm a disciple of science.

You can see gains with a routine like that, yes.

I would highly discourage people from pe in the bathroom at work. Unless you owned your own company and had an ultra quiet and private bathroom, it would only take a few odd noises or heavy breathing coupled with your scheduled long trips to the John before rumor gets out you’re a chronic masturbator. Great job or not nobody wants to have to explain to their boss why they waste work time to touch themselves daily. Then you may be forced to explainyo your wife why you’re now unemployed.

Instead you can get everything done at home with about 30-45 minutes max of you really capitalize on time limits and watch your breathing. I usually just get most of my routine out of the way before my wife wakes up starting with pumping. You can easily warm up,sit back and pump for 5-10 min after you wake up. You can easily knock out 100-150 slow wet jelqs in the bathroom, after a shower you’re done. Save the stretching for your free time at night or for another day all together.

Originally Posted by ZackinOH
1) Does anyone else follow a similar routine at work?

Yes, this is very similar to what I do. 20 minute sessions, once a day, unless I feel my penis needs a day off.

Originally Posted by ZackinOH
2) Will I see gains while spreading my routine out throughout the day?

Maybe, every penis is different. Approval from marinera means it is worth trying.

One real issue I have come across is warming up. I have not yet devised a creative solution for that. The reason I have not told my wife about PE? I have, and she is not entirely on board with it. She allows it, but she thinks its silly. To avoid embarrassment, I jelq at the office.

Good stuff guys, thanks for the encouraging posts! In response to TheGreatDivider, I really don’t see the issues you brought up becoming a problem. We have a very lax office where it’s commonplace to disappear for an hour or more at a time to go home for lunch, head out to the coffee shop, go to the gym, or to the Irish pub downstairs for a brewski. Additionally, the bathroom is laid out where it’s easy to maintain some level of privacy; I’ve masturbated multiple times when I have an urge that just won’t go away in there with zero issues or threat of exposure.

I’ll keep up what I’m doing, although I’d love to hear more from other guys who follow a similar routine.

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