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Jelqing variation

Jelqing variation

Hello everyone

When I gave PE a try a year ago, jelqing was my prominent activity. During my exercises I saw the expansion I wanted, however outside PE on my days off not much changed. So I disregarded veteran advice and squeezed harder and greatly extended stroke duration as well as session length. This reckless act has left my penis in an odd form.

Now even though I made the stupid mistake of working my penis to hard, it should not be misshapen. I expect instead it would have turtled and begged me silently to give it a few days rest, potentially longer. So my obvious conclusion is that my technique is flawed.

Due to my severe add I will do anything to make my job easier. I have an idea and would be glad to hear even one opinion.

A cock ring traps blood in your shaft correct? My understanding is that an ok grip does the same, although the ok grip is slowly pulled up the shaft until reaching the glans. This exercise known as the jelq effectively takes the blood you trapped inside your penis and forces it upwards causing expansion.

Could a cock ring not do this exactly? If not better?
What is more reliable as a consistent grip a man made ring or two fingers that must be conditioned over time to lock into the perfect position?

Thank you for all your input :)

A lot of units aren’t a uniform length; that is the main problem I can foresee with using a unadaptive device such as a cock ring.

Are you saying that most men’s shafts aren’t symmetrical?

I think he meant uniform girth.

That is what I thought, but I’m not the type to insult someones intelligence.

We have all grown up jerking off in various pressures and positions, completely unaware of PE and the lot of us have unsymmetrical “dicks”. In my case I never beat my dick, I was careful and gentle throughout my teenage years. Although some guys I know smashed their privates with hammers and those are the kind that you hear stories about in your circle of friends. I surmise their technique was nothing like jelqing, rather a tight grip forced up then down constantly. Perhaps they even pulled their dicks as hard as they could. Though we did not know it, every time we buffed ours bananas we were making changes.

Even if most men have uneven girth the cock ring could still be used effectively. Work could be done on the smaller areas first until things start to even out and then you can begin to do respective jelqs knowing that the baseball bat or the cone shapes won’t occur. Using different size rings of course. I’m not certain but I think a large amount of the guys on this forum that have went from man to beast are not symmetrical.

Yeah sorry, I was quite drunk when I wrote that.

Essentially, a lot of units taper to either end, so, a variable constriction device is required, the human hand is a great example of one. If you could create, via exercise, uniform girth, then I imagine a cock ring could be employed, but there’s already products on the market such as the “Jelq device” that serve the same purpose with greater efficacy.

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