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BTB Jelqing the CS seems to have caused my Thrombosed Vein to heal quicker!!

BTB Jelqing the CS seems to have caused my Thrombosed Vein to heal quicker!!

I just thought this was important to for others to know so I’m posting my expierence here for people to read. I’ve learned that ever since I seriouslty started doing BTB jelqing (particularlay jelqing the CS as well the sides of the inner penis CC’s) my thrombosed vein I got from doing a Horse440 when I was unconditioned enough to handle it that appeared on the bottom of my shaft in a vein over the CS has practically disappered over the course of a week. It’s amazing! I don’t exactly know why this works this way but hey it’s cool! :) Jelqing and BTB jelqing are defintly penile health excersizes if anything. They keep your dick growing and happy. Some people may not believe me, but believe me this is absolutely true! More people should look into BTB jelqing I think…

Beware though this just may be a coincidence. But I still believe it to be true knowing all I know about PE and everything I’ve done. So if anyone out there has a thrombosed vein around the underside/ventral side of there dick near the CS maybe give this a shot for a couple weeks. That and lay off the heavy girth work and erect jelqing for a while until you are more conditoned and ready to handle those excersizes. ;)

Seriosuly, even if no one reponds to this thead people who need help with healing Thrombosed Veins quicker, take what I say to heart for a week or two and give BTB jelqing a try. You won’t be disappoined IMO. :D

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