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Jelqing Technique Questions for accuracy

Jelqing Technique Questions for accuracy

Hey all. Just have a couple jelqing questions I don’t understand when it comes to technique.

1) Should my “head” become engorged? Sometimes the head is extremely hard to the touch like its completely full, sometimes (when flaccid especially) the head stays softish. Is it still working when softish?

2) How thorough are you in your grip? I only grip about 80% of my unit because for some reason the required motion to capture it hurts my unit (only 5 inch girth, I just can’t do it with my hand for some reason)

3) Should I feel like blood is pumping to the top? Sometimes it just looks the same and doesn’t engorge more than an erection would…

4) Should I have extremely good EQ immediately after? If you jelq “well” do you see improved EQ that day? (One time I did) Or if you do it well do you see poor EQ till the day after?

I have a couple more to post later so I’ll ask in another wave.

Thanks a lot in advance

1. Mine usually does to the point where I need to squeeze it to release the blood and let new come in, sometimes it doesn’t though. (Very rare for me atleast)

2. I grip until I feel I’ve trapped blood and can ‘feel’ it moving forwards, if it hurts - don’t do it! :)

3. I get both of these, I like to think that when I ‘feel’ it it’s more effective but I haven’t really noticed a difference the same day, so I can’t tell :)

4. I do, I get rock hard - enough to pound a brick wall full of holes. If you get _really_ poor EQ you’re probably overdoing it, but I don’t think that no increase at all has to mean anything.
I think it’s more important to see things with PE over at least 1-5 days (unless stuff hurts, like I said)

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