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New Hanging technique and questions

New Hanging technique and questions

I’m a new hanger and I was just wondering if these new hanging angels would help in any way? I have not yet tried the 2nd one but I have tried the 1st and it seems like every time i get in that position my head retracts inside the wrapping. I was thinking that I could solve this problem by trying to wrap my penis in the retracted state if that makes any sense. Im pretty much a begginer at PE and any suggestions or comments would help me. I also have wondered am I supposed to jelq btw sets of hanging? one other question is when Im doing hanging btc should I have my legs in any particular position?

Unless another post is on the way you didn’t say what the angles are.

Your head retracting inside the wrap is more likely the skin/wrap/hanger being pulled over your head, which indicates the hanger is not grasping the internal structures. Try tightening the hanger more.

Expect the hanger to move forward slightly when the weight is applied. It’s normal for some skin in front of the wrap to roll over or come close to rolling over the corona. But the hanger shouldn’t continue sliding down.

> I also have wondered am I supposed to jelq btw sets of hanging?

You can do a few jelqs to help restore circulation. I wouldn’t try to fit a whole, real jelqing session between hanging sets.

>one other question is when Im doing hanging btc should I have my legs in any particular position?

Pelvis position is what matters most. If you’re doing BTC while slouched way down in a chair put your feet up on something.

Good advice hobby. Hopefully I will have you around when I get into hanging. I just had something to ask about your comment you made.

“I wouldn’t try to fit a whole, real jelqing session between hanging sets.” Do you believe it would fatigue the penis out too much or is there another reason why you said not to?


May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Several reasons:

I sometimes get a little fluid buildup in the area under the head from longer hanging sessions even without doing any other PE. Serious jelqing or, heaven forbid Ulis or pumping, done before hanging or mixed in make this fluid issue much worse. I once thought I’d really messed myself up when I hung after pumping. I got a big, puffy, whitish blister-like thing in the frenulum area that looked like it was about to burst. Yuck.

I’m prone to vein problems. Hanging stresses veins enough. Adding other exercises immediately after (or during) a hanging session is bad mojo.

Then there is the issue of soreness. The spot where the hanger attaches can get a bit sore. Adding other exercises only makes this worse.

Okay, thank you Hobby, warning heeded :)

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

I cant figure out how to add a pic after i have already posted

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There are the angels sorry it took so long, and I dont think that the my problem is the tightness of the hanger because i hung btc for 10min and without any difficulties and then tried to bust position #1 and as soon as i moved into the othere position it my head retracted. Do different angles of stretching require different degrees of tightening? Thanks for you feedback hobby you have been a great help. O and about leg position I meant should they be spread eagle, bent, bent and raised, straight, straight and out, straight and up, I could even try sitting in the featle position possible except sitting in a chair. ANyway I think i can try all these positions throught trial and error, I also plan to create my own chair wher there is a slot between my legs so i can rest my back on the chair and at the same time hang.

Maybe your skin was supporting some of the weight at BTC. Then when you switched to a more outward angle the skin no longer took the load, so the hanger slid forward.

It still sounds like your hanger isn’t getting a good hold.

I haven’t noticed any difference whether my legs are wider apart or close together.

When I heal and start hanging, I might set my alarm an hour earlier than normal and attach hanger and lay on my side at the edge of the bed with my dick and hanger dangling down out of the bed. I will then sleep the extra hour and each night I will lay different side of bed to hit one side a night.

LOL, could this work?

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Hour long sets while unconscious? You’d be done with PE in a hurry. Without a dick you’d have no need for it.

Really? I wouldn’t hang much - just enough to slightly feel the stretch.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Okay, scrap that - I guess it is very dangerous. Hobby you seem to be saving my ass multiple times. I am gonna be starting up PE again with a much broader knowledge of the hazards because of you :)

Does anyone where an ADS while they sleep?

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

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