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Jelqing technique

Jelqing technique

I heard from someone at another forum that jelquing with the whole hand is more beneficial than jelqing with only the “O” created by the thumb and index finger. I personally find that adding a few extra fingers while I jelq may be working the penis better. Anyone else have experience with this?

Reverse Mclain squeezers

When I do uli’s sometimes, I use a reverse grip so that my thumb is closest to my body and my pinky is at the other end extended along my shaft. I sometimes use my middle and fourth fingers to add addtional pressure to the squeeze. I call them reverse Mclain squeezers.

Hey Slick,

I have been trying dryjelqing for about a week because I am consintrating on girth and everyone said that it works better than wetjelqs. One problem for me is my skin is to tight to go all the way up the shaft. So I changed it a little to fit me better. What I do is start at the base with a reverse OK grip (palm facing down) and jelq as far as I can go (about half way up the shaft) forcing max blood toward head, then I squeeze the rest of my fingers around the shaft one at a time, starting with the middle then ring and finally pinkey. This has given me a great “pumped up” feeling when Im done and my head gets massive. You might want to try it.



4 15\16 EG


7 1\2” BPEL

5 1\16” EG


8 1\2” BPEL

6” EG

Gain Till She Bleeds

I have always used the JAI grip to do Jelqs, it’s pretty uncomfortable to just do the OK grip. Sometimes I use two fingers like chopsticks and jelq.


ok thanks. 2small, your idea sounds pretty good and I will try it out. Sorry to ask, but what is a JAI grip?

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