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Hanging Questions Technique????

Hanging Questions Technique????

What is the proper technique for hanging, should you stand straight up and let the weight pull straight down or should you bend over so as to pull strait out? If youhang strait down will you tear ligaments???

Hanging Angle

You need to work up to hanging with the weight at 90 degress to the body, and therefore to be pulling you dick directly backwards “BTC” between the cheeks”

This can be done with weights + pulleys etc— or as I do with a spring balance to tell me how much weight— and an elastic or other strap or rope pulling against a fixed object on a wall or something.

It can be quite painful at first in this position— but this is the one that will give you the best gains.

Bib just confirmed this and answered other questions to me at the EZ Board.



pumpinon8, I just bought a Bib hanger , got it today -Thanks Bib. By streaching BTC , are we concentrating on only streaching the groind area? dont we want to streach the whole ligament??? Im afraid of pulling or dislocating my main ligament from the pubic area. once I pulled real hard and heard a pop. seems like i slightly pulled the ligament away from the bone when I feel down there .???? just a beginer. Thanks all



ahhh streching not streaching!!! ahhh~~~!!!!

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