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Jelqing ova' Baghdad

Jelqing ova' Baghdad

Sup my fellow .. Penis people. I have quite the dilemma. I am currently deployed in Iraq and like my fellow soldiers, I seek to self improve. I’m doing the gym thing. I also consider myself to be a pretty good artist. Anyway, I feel have always lacked in the dick department. Good thing I found this site right? Well, although this site has a lot of information and I have perused through most of the forums, there’s still things I need clarified.

Firstly, as you probably would have assumed, I don’t have much time to do many of these exercises other than the newb routine. I’m constantly on mission and the only real personal time I have for PE is in the shower. The problem is I cannot always make it to the shower, sometimes I have up to week long missions. The Question; Is it worth doing sporadic PE for my remaining 10 months, or should I wait till I get back to the states.

That aside, I come to my second Question. I have been doing PE for the Past week, something like this:
08Mar Newb Routine
09 Rest
10 Newb Routine
11 Newb Routine
12 Rest
13 Rest
14 Newb Routine

Now, this is not a schedule, this is just what a have been able to do with the time I have been spared. Most often I will have up 4 days of forced rest. Can I make these days up? Or am I just wasting my time and stunting growth by doing PE this way?

My third question for this particular post is a question on jelqing. I have noticed that jelqing in the shower without lube hurts. After just this short trial period, I have already managed to rub my shit raw at the base. I tried using lotion, but the shit don’t last long before having to reapply a liberal amount, leaving me with half a bottle at the end of one session. Is there a better way to lube that is common product? Don’t forget that I’m in IRAQ and KY is something that not only I can’t buy here, but would not want to caught dead with. (” Umm.. Sargent, I swear.. It’s for my cock workouts.”)

Well that’s bout all I got for now. Trust me, more questions to come in the form of p.m.’s. Hopefully you can help a soldier engineer a weapon of mass destruction.

Thanks Dickheads,
-Pvt. Dumbass-

Hello Pvt,

Clearly a lotion won’t work as the skin absorbs it in after a short while. Maybe try using olive oil instead. I know that Iraq has that.

I heard that the newbie routine can be effective if done 3 or 4 times a week. I read some posters who discouraged PEing everyday of the week. So I personally think you’re fine (but I know very little).

On a separate note, I was offered an annual salary of 150k by a private contractor to work in Iraq as a translator. I even considered it for about 2 seconds. :P

Good luck to you and your fellow soldiers and all of the Iraqis.

Thanks for the Reply bud. I’ll scratch lotion out of the picture.

By the way, you really sure you want to pass up an offer like that. I mean, I’m here for about 24k plus benefits of course, yet in still; 150k is a killing.
I work with translators everyday; was the contractor TITAN? We treat most the translators like they are apart of our outfit, unless they are lazy scumbags. But yeah, there is a downside to it. They can move you to any unit, anytime. Lots of terp trading. Not to mention, some of the terps get worked like dogs, just like us.

-Pvt. Dumbass-

Hi PD! And welcome to Thunders.

The Newbie routine is given for ideal conditions, which yours are, as you say, obviously not so.

Don’t worry too much about the inconsistent routine. Just do it when you can. It’s better than not doing anything!

Do they issue you with any skin creams for protection from the sun etc? If so you might find that one will provide useful lubrication with the water from the shower, But as Oops_jo says olive oil is useful under the shower.

So. Go ahead and PE when you can. It will do something, but obviously, unless you have the luck to be a rapid gainer, (Hope so!) at least you will preparing your unit for harder sessions later on.

PS Make sure you are not using too much grip when jelqing, as that can cause skin damage in the early stages before things get aclimatised .

Good luck and success in your endeavours.


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Right on, Thanks for the welcome petitfaun.

Yeah, the only lotion they issue us is this mosquito repellent lotion. And um.. I don’t think that would work, although, I have been bitten on the cock

By mosquitoes’ before and it would help in that way :P . But yeah, I’ll keep doing it; if nothing else it will , like you said, give my weapon more strength.

But yeah on the grip issue, I do believe I use a powerful grip, but if I don’t it feels like I’m doing nothing more that beating my meat. I don’t feel

Engorgement without a really tight grip.

Thanks for your time,
-Pvt. Dumbass-

Pvt. Dumbass (no I'm not really a pvt.)

02MAR08: bpel(5.75in) eg(4.5in) fl(3.8in) fg(3.75in)


Just keep doing what you’re doing. Get it in when you can. Like lifting weights, some is better than none! Best of luck to you on your quest for gains and stay safe!

Thank You

Thank you for what you do. You and your fellow soldiers are VERY much appreciated in my circle of friends. Pull it and squeeze it as often as you can. Don’t give up. Gains will come. But it takes time. I have made minute gains, but gains none the less. I pulled to hard and I may have some medical issues going on too(not from PE). I will be seeing a DR asap. As my mentor KingPole says, “No pain no gain, does not apply to PE”. He is right. So don’t over do it. You got plenty of time to make you a “big thick American stick”. Be safe my brother.

PS…………..I would like to send you a care pack. Where should I send it and to who? I understand if you want to remain anonymous. Just thought I would offer.

1-9-08 BPEL 5.5 X 4.5

1yr Goal 7 X 5.5

Long Term Goal 8X6

Vaseline or olive oil. I’m sure it’s easily for you to get your hands on vaseline though. You can easily just jelq when your in bed. After the lights are off, just reach down and do some stroke. And I’m sure it’s not uncommon to see guys jack-off in the army. Months and Months away from women takes a toll on you.

^ (Jar head the movie)

I personally don’t know nothing about the army. LOL

Thanks cableman for the support, but yeah.codeevil, I haven’t had a circle jerk any time since I joined. At least not to my knowledge. Ha. But on a serious note, Vaseline is more practical seeing since it’s readily available at the PX. Olive oil I would have to buy out in sector and I’m sure my section chief would be like, “what the fuck ?” . So, thanks for your answers. It’s confirmed, I’m going to stick with PE for the meantime.

Thanks Dickheads,
-Pvt. Dumbass-

Pvt. Dumbass (no I'm not really a pvt.)

02MAR08: bpel(5.75in) eg(4.5in) fl(3.8in) fg(3.75in)

Also you might be interested in doing fowfers. A no effort stretch that gives good gains to your flaccid length. Just type “fowfer” in the search box if you don’t already know what it is.

Stretch manually whenever you take a piss. 15-30 seconds in all directions. Up, down, left, right, straight.

Roger, will comply.

-Pvt. Dumbass-

Pvt. Dumbass (no I'm not really a pvt.)

02MAR08: bpel(5.75in) eg(4.5in) fl(3.8in) fg(3.75in)

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