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jelqing concern

jelqing concern

I have been jelqing for only a couple of weeks, and that is all the PE I have been doing so far. (I am considering really beginning with a hanging routine and have been jelqing in the meantime.)

I have noticed small improvements already, including a slighter bigger flaccid “hang” (I think) and definately better and more powerful ejalucations. The only thing is, I notice 2 things about the quality of my erections:

(1) they are not quite as hard as I am used to them being, although its not really a problem, they are hard enough, but there is a new kind of “softness” or even “sponginess”,and I am just wondering if this is something I should be concerned about.

(2) they are not as fixed or “anchored” in place as they were. (Bear with me I am not used to being this honest on the net but i don’t think I will learn anything unless I tell you exactly what is happening.) In other words, before jelqing, my penis would more or less be erect at about a 45 angle, not quite standing straight up, but almost, especially when most excited. Now, after a couple weeks of jelqing, it does not stand up as much, and it doesn’t seem as fixed at the base. Almost like it is has more leeway to move up and down even when most erect.

My question of course is, is any of this a problem or is it just a normal result of the growth phase.

Starting out

If you have only been jelqing, then I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. Depending on the frequency of your sessions this is a common occurence.

I began with super rock hard erections at the beginning (due in part, perhaps, to kegels) but after a week or so I had the same problem. My erections were “less hard” and the angle seemed to have decreased. I wasn’t overly concerned, as I was basically ejeaculating after every session, and put it down to overwork (not overdoing it though). I even had to resort to buying newmags every day or two (instead of the monthly one) and then videos just to get a 80% boner. However, after a break the rock hard erections returned, and after learning to control myself haven’t really experienced again.

What is your routine?- it is probably the extra playing around with johnny the result of this.


My “routine” is as follows 5 days a week:

start with heat-wrap, about 20-30 minutes of jelqing (I skip the heat wrap at the end, maybe I shouldn’t?). That’s it. I don’t even do manual stretches. Just jelqing for now.

I jelq slowly using the the “okay” grip, palm down, alternating hands. Occasionally I stop and do a couple of sqeezes to restore shape and circulation for a moment. When I jelq I use quite alot of pressure, but not too much. Actually even if I tried I don’t think I could overdo it because of limits in my technique and strength of my hands. I start with the penis at 20-50 percent, and then move on to around 80. I notice during the jelqing, the top part of the penis including the head gets more swollen than the base of the shaft. I suppose this makes sense.

So there’s my routine. Very simple. Not even any manual stretches (they don’t feel right and I am very cautious.) Just jelqing for now. And in terms of what you joked about at the end of our reply, as far as “servicing” myself, I actually do that much less now that I have a PE routine. Maybe once every few days, and I try not to have it anywhere close to my PE routine.

Routine sounds fine

It’s very difficult to give advice through a forum, especially when health comes into play. However, from what I can read, I don’t feel there is any need for worry. Your routine sounds fine (maybe you could have a rest day between workouts, to see that that results), and the fact that you don’t do manual stretches because they don’t feel right is exactly the right attitude. Your body knows itself, and you must read the signs. Also, it takes a while to learn how to PE well - some exercises take months to perfect.

If you feel that something is not right, stop for a while - I’m sure that your rock hard erections will return.

Are you doing the kegels as Thunder pointed out? If not, start today. If so, this could also be a factor, as some (when starting out) mention that the fatigue caused by this exercise temporarily decreased erection strength (quite the opposite of others, but that just goes to show that we are all diferent) and after stopping the kegels all returned to normal.


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