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Jelqing approach - fat pad vs base

Jelqing approach - fat pad vs base

I’ve been asking some guys here about how they jelq.. And I have received various answers, so I have decided to make the question public. Here it goes:

Do you press into the fat pad when you jelq? (I has some bad results with this kind of approach but it seems like many recommend it)

I don’t know dude but now you mention it. Saying that my fat pad is pretty small and it would make everything tense up if I did that on every stroke.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

L H, iDare is Romanian; if you were meaning “I don’t know..” you shouldn’t write “I don’t no..”, because he (and many others) can get confused.

Oops sorry edited!

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

You was faster than me! :up:

I have a thin fat pad. My extra fat is located in the love handles. I guess it is a fair trade off.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

My fat pad is fairly small too, but I still push into it when I jelq.

Don’t really see any reason not to.

So can we say.. If you have a thin fat pad you can do this, if your layer of fat is bigger you shouldn’t?

Thanks for the answers by the way.

To prevent a baseball effect (more than I already have) I do press the fat pad in. This way I achieve pressure on the mid shaft earlier.

Excuse my English !

01-sept-2008 --- NBPEL 6,2" --- EG base 5,15" --- EG mid and top 5,4"

15-okt-2008 --- NBEL 6,4" --- EG base 5,3" --- EG mid 5,25" --- EG top 5,6"

By the way.. I was talking about wet jelqing.

Am si io destule nelamuriri iDare ,cu privire la jelquing da-mi un mesaj poate mai schimbam opinii

I have a big fat pad, and Im not even fat. Im 6’2 200lbs. My fat pad is an inch and a half. It pisses me off! I lose weight and I lose it every where but in my fat pad! It makes my dick look short! Lol!

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