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Manual routine questions, for experienced gainers mainly.

Manual routine questions, for experienced gainers mainly.

I have more than a few questions, generally aimed at people who’ve made at least an inch gain from a manual routine. Here’s a quick summary of my situation. I’m trying to get into a PE routine and integrate it into my schedule. This is difficult, the reason why I haven’t gained anything… yet! So far I’ve tried the newbie routine except I usually skip the stretching and kegels. I’m going to try to get them into my routine, if they are important.

Since the 27th of January I’ve been throwing in some jelqs and trying out Tom’s 3-step whatchamacallit every so often. But for the last few days I’ve done around 200 jelqs and this has been it, negating a few stretches here and there. I’ve figured my little guy can handle 200 jelqs pretty easy, because I’m not very sore or fatigued. And I think this is the goal of PE, is it not?

So anyway, my main question is for all those who’ve gained from a manual only routine, how many jelqs did you do a day? I’m thinking of amping up my number to around 300 today and seeing how that goes. I imagine people who’ve gained an inch have done around 500 or more at a time, but I am not sure! This is why I’m asking here.

Also for those who’ve gained a lot (that being around an inch), how much importance did you place on kegels and stretching? What other manual exercises would you recommend? As a reminder, currently I am doing only jelqs and that is it. I wouldn’t mind to add a few manual exercises though, especially since my goal will probably not be easy.

I know this has most definitely been asked elsewhere, but I’m already writing a book, so I might as well put it in here! If my base girth is 6”, middle girth is 5.5”, and the girth just below the head is 5”. What manual exercise could most effectively even this out to around 6”? My primary goal is length, about an inch and a half sounds pretty spectacular to me right now. I am prepared to put in the work if I can just get some help from the magnificent people here at Thunder’s.

Thank you, I realize this thread is a lot to take in, but if you can even answer one question here I would greatly appreciate it. You don’t have to be an experienced gainer either, but that would add extra credit to your answer!

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If You would like to gain in length, I suppose stretching would be great idea.

For even the girth, maybe Ulis could help. These works great for head and upper shaft expansion.

As for personal experience: try to find if You are more is more or less is more. This should help to find the best routine.

Keep on PE’ing.

Okay I can post here again! Well I did 300 jelqs yesterday which was the most I’ve ever done. And, I don’t feel sore at all today. I plan on my routine to have very few off days, or only when I think I need them. Today I’ll try to get some stretches in there, and read up on Ulis a bit today.

If my girth never increased but I gained .5” I still be immensely happy. It seems a lot of big gainers in that thread used stretches, jelqs, and ulis. Or a similar combination. That is very motivating, especially from erikC, who shares similar starting stats with me.

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