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Dry Jelq questions

Dry Jelq questions

Ok so I have been doing PE for about 3 months on and off and finally have decided to commit myself to it. I would like to know what is the best way to do a dry jelq as I am not capable of using my skin to go the full distance of my shaft. I have been doing the bottom half and then the top half. I do 15 or so reps on the bottom then do the top. Is this an ok way to do it? Or is there a better way?

Seems like doing half bottom half top would work fine. Every so often id use some lube though.

I’m having a hard time visualizing the effectiveness of this method. The purpose of the jelq, as I see it, is to force the blood from base to glans, causing expansion. It seems, intuitvely, that this method would only be half as effective. I’m curious, why are you avoiding wet jelqs? (BTW, I prefer dry jelqs, too…just curious)

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I don’t see anything wrong with that; as a general rule, uncut dudes find dry-jelqs easily to perform, the oppsite id tre for cut guys; but if you are cut and still you like dry jelqs, than perform them the way you feel these work better for you.

Well I’m trying to stay away from wet jelqs simple because I’m still living with my parents and I am trying to avoid getting caught. I experienced some really good gains in the first month but nothing that I can measure since, I have however had to stop twice because I did it too hard and got the red dots on my glans. I was simply hoping that there wasn’t going to be anybody that would say I was dangering my dick by doing the jelq that way.

Seems fine. The most important thing is to listen to your body and learn when to push the pressure and when to ease off.

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I think every jelq should be high pressure and almost painful. Lke working out: you have to push urself to failure (ur limit) to make any progress in a quick time. I jelqed and I really squeezed it but backed off a little bit from 100% max pressure. Didnt get any dots and my penis shrunk right into me supposedly thats a good pi

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