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Jelq Question

Jelq Question

I have a question on the proper intricacies of dry jelq. When I dry jelq, I keep my penis at an erect state of 40%-50%, then, with an OK grip from the base, I stroke forward for 3 seconds and then I slowly and lightly ease back down to the base, with the same hand, and then switch hands and start over again. My question is this, as soon as I reach my glands, should I rotate to my next hand or should I lightly stroke back down and then switch hands? In other words, is it better to switch hands as soon as I reach the glands?

It’s more advisable to remove your hands and start new stroke , you will allow oxygen to flow up, the idea is to pump blood up, and try when you remove your hand to kegle one time to pump new blood good luck

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@Whynotbig, so I did what you told me to do, however, when I am rotating hands it seems as if I do not have an abundant of space to fit my new hand as I rotate. In other words, for example, I am performing a jelq with my right hand, and as soon as I reach my gland, I then begin to switch and use my left hand. The problem is, when I am alternating hands the skin is already by the gland and when I switch hands I can’t really do anything because, like I said the skin is by the gland. You see, when I ease back down with each stroke, the skin goes down and I can switch hands. I don’t really know if I am articulating myself effectively.

Ok, so I’ve been dry jelquing and dry jelquing requires you to use one hand throughout the routine. On the other hand, if I wet jelqued, then I would rotate. So, I think I have figured out my problem.

I think you have. I do 25 dry jelqs with one hand, then 25 with the other and change every 25 strokes. It makes it easy to keep count! I cannot get anywhere near my glans with a dry jelq. The blood pressure/expansion above the hand means I can only go so far, then have to start a new stroke.

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