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Is This Normal?

Is This Normal?

After two days of the newbie routine (with a very VERYy light Horse 440 between sets of 50) I decided to measure myself … to check if I still had my regular stats. So I go to measure right before my third day session, and I am quite startled. According to my measurements I lost .2 inches in length and .1 in girth. Is that normal? Has anyone else seen a decrease before their increase?

As you can imagine, I am quite worried.

Yeah sometimes your dick will retract a little if it’s overworked or after a workout. I wouldn’t worry about it and if I was you I wouldn’t measure so often :) .

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Haha … I just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t shrinking! Which is has, retracted rather. I didn’t have a work out that day though, I measured before I got started. Oh well, I’ll keep up but if it drops anohter .2 then I may just come here for emotional support =)

On a day to day basis or even, week to week, real growth is not measurable. Remember an inch in length (which is very handy:) ) gained over a year equals two hundredths of an inch per week! Only worry about your measurements after several months if you aren’t seeing any improvement.

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I knew I wouldn’t have instant results this early. I just wanted to check to make sure I was still at my starting measurements, but I was actually smaller. It was just alarming, and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t something to be overly concerned with.

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