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Is this new or out dated technique

Is this new or out dated technique

I’ve been pe’ing for 3 weeks and the more I do it the more personalized my workout gets. I was just wondering if any one tried this in the same technique:

1: Get him semi- erect and ok the base with first two fingers ( palm towards the floor and squeeze. Then grab the head and force the blood back towards the mid shaft. Then steadily push the hands together, hold then pull for a couple of seconds each way. Then move in a different direction on the shaft. Repeat.

2. then another one I like that gets purple and red spots on the head in a matter of a couple of strokes, is to jelq palm down and as you move take the other fingers and squeeze hard, then jelq a little futhur on down, stop squeeze, alittle further down on the jelq and squeeze.

I wish the vets would try a couple and give me some feed back

thanks big future


Hey Big Future,

It is extremely hard to come up with an exercise that is new. There only so many things/movements you can do with your hands/cock. I have heard of both of your variations before.

Don’t let that discourage you though, keep experimenting, you may be the one that comes up with the next new exercise.

And if something works for you, keep using it, don’t worry too much about the “name” for the exercise.

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BIG Future…

I start with a semi and do the OK palm down at the base and then contract my PC a few time to pump more blood in. Then clamp down the thump and forefinger and start the squeeze at the base and then progress by adding in the middle finger, ring finger and last the little finger. By then the head looks like its ready to explode. I do 3 of these with each hand and then do a few power jelks to finish things off. If you can try to do 2 or 3 setls like this and tell me what you think. When finished the member looks big and red. a good swelled look.

Regards Canuck

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