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Is my penis too small to stretch


Is my penis too small to stretch

Hey guys,

I recently posted saying that I would start on Feb 23rd.

But I thought I will give a test run, to see if I head for some problems.

I want to know one thing.

My penis when it is not erect stands at 2 inches or sometimes 3 inches.

I am uncircumcised.

I am finding it too difficult to do manual stretches. I feel that I am pulling the skin more than the entire penis.

Any suggestions?


Hm mm.


Any more suggestions?

Mine is similiar, but I am circumcised. To get the stretch, I place my OK shaped fingers at the glans, and gently (that being the keyword) pull the skin back till it feels somewhat tight. Then you tighten your grip, and then do your stretches. It might feel like the skin being pulled, but if you feel your ligs, they should feel taunt.

Pull the foreskin back, then grip right below the glans. Now you can stretch better.

Originally Posted by qwestoflife
Hm mm.

Practice makes perfect. It took me at least a month before I was comfortable with the exercises.

You will find as time goes by that your flaccid will get bigger, making it easier.

Don’t give up — your penis is not too small to stretch.

It is mostly a matter of doing the exercises and repetition. Not a magic wand or incantation your fairy dick father can say to make it all better!

Sorry if you find the encouragement unhelpful.

Alright thanks.

I will give it a try again tomorrow.

Let us see what happens.

Thanks again everyone for replying.

I remember for the first few months I had issues with stretching (circumcised mind you)… What I found is that I’d grip the penis and I’d mainly pull the skin, and to solve that I started to preemptively pull the skin forward first.

There’s also a good thread here with someone starting at your size and grew 2 inches by stretches alone. Can’t seem to find it though.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

Regardless of skin issues, you’ll have to learn how to bear down on the internal shaft— how it feels varies depending upon a number of circumstances; sometimes it will be almost impossible to feel, others it will feel quite meaty.

Do NOT grab the glans, either directly or under it. Grab the shaft proper just aft of the glans, but make sure that you are grabbing shaft not glans.

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PE is like anything else-with practice you get better. Keep doing your PE *safely* and you will find that you will develop your own grips for stretching, jelqing, etc.

Originally Posted by androNYC
Do NOT grab the glans, either directly or under it.

Huh? And what’s to stop the hand from sliding right off if not the glans? There’s never enough friction just between the hand and the shaft in order for the head to not have to be used as a stopper (and pulled forward). Least of all for an uncut unit.

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Thats how I stretch mine. I grab just under the glands and tug. So doing it this way is not good. What can happen if you tug on your glands.

Can you stretch out the glands to have more of a mushroom effect.

I know exactly what you’re going through qwest. I have a small unit also but let me tell you that once you start doing stretches it will be easier because your stretched flaccid length is going to be quite longer then you non-stretched flaccid length.

Originally Posted by Jawbone


There’s also a good thread here with someone starting at your size and grew 2 inches by stretches alone. Can’t seem to find it though.

This 2-inch Growth Comparative Pictures ?

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