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Is my penis too small to stretch


If you haven’t already check out bennett8’s pics which Marinera posted, and read his posts. He went from 3 inches erect to 5 inches and is a true inspiration to all PE’rs I think.

Originally Posted by marinera
Tightening the grip (so using perpendicular directed force) can put too much pressure on the dorsal nerve; pulling out at the base on the glans (so using axial directed force to stretch), means that the pressure on the dorsal nerve is lower.

Thank you, that’s exactly what I was going to say in reply to firegoat (and androNYC). Squeezing too hard is much more likely to cause injury than pulling on the glans, especially given the extraordinary “inner lubrication” between the skin and the shaft (which is what you’d be trying in vain to counteract by squeezing).

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