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Penis doesn't stretch

Penis doesn't stretch

Hi (again)!

This may sound really dumb but I needed to ask!

When I do the penis stretches I’m finding that the skin around the penis from the base stretches into the foreskin really easily but that the actual penis itself doesn’t stretch.

It’s as if the muscle at the centre of the penis (sorry I do not know the specific term for the penis anatomy) just won’t pull! - Does what I’m saying make any sense?

I’m unsure whether this is normal and if I should continue or whether I’m doing anything wrong.

So far, tugging around the penis head has just left me experience a tight ‘pulling’ feeling but the penis itself doesn’t ‘stretch’ in length. To use a simile, it’s like pulling on the rope in a tug of war, though the rope isn’t pulling because there’s an elephant sat on it on the other side!

Any tips for techniques? And did others experience this when they were starting out?


.Stretch longer damn you!

Do you warm up? If so, how do you? (How you warm up may have an effect on the pliability of the penis)

Aom91 that’s a good point, since starting the stretches (in typical newbie fashion) I have NOT warmed up with a warm wrap.

Instead, thanks to the kegels exercises I’ve been waking up with erections, so I assumed my penis would already be in a ‘warmed up’ state due to the erection blood flow.

I will try using a 10 min hot wrap to warm up, but I suspect due to the tightness I’m feeling that it will make little difference. -Is the difficulty I am experiencing maybe due to the fact that my penis has never been manually stretched before in this manner so the main ligament/muscle responsible for length is ‘stiff’?

Don’t worry, Galardo. You’re doing it right. “Stretching” is really a misnomer. What you’re really doing is not so much stretching as applying tension. You may stretch slightly, but it will hardly be noticeable.

This is normal. Continue doing what you are doing, gradually increasing the intensity or time that you spend applying tension.

Although the penis doesn’t stretch like a rubber band, it does respond to tension by growing. The growth rate is very slow, but it is easily seen when measured over weeks or months.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Maybe you should try JAI stretches or DLD blasters to overcome your BC muscle.

Listen to ModestoMan.

Horny Bastard

“It’s as if the muscle at the centre of the penis (sorry I do not know the specific term for the penis anatomy) just won’t pull! - Does what I’m saying make any sense?”

That is the Tunica that you feel. It is, in the end, the Tunica we must extend to get length gains. Check out this from Grey’s Anatomy:…/subject?id=262.

You can see, in the second illustration, at the conjunction of the CCs a “T” shaped structure. This is what you feel.

I got impressive (to me) initial gains by loosening up the ligaments around and at the base of my penis (5.5 to 6.75” BPE; 5 to 5.875 mid girth, regaining my youthful size plus a little). To get further length gains will require me to follow the advice of the veterans to slowly grow new tissue in the Tunica.

Following them, I feel that a total 2” length gain is within the realm of possibility. Keep at it by following the Newbie Routine.

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Thanks guys,

Bentsi, I’ve done a search and the DLD blasters seem really interesting but given I’m still new to all this I think I’ll wait a while before letting my penis experience a DLD- it sounds intense!

ModestoMan,mravg, and KT88- I really appreciate the reassurance, that is exactly what I was looking for.

KT88, I will definately pay more attention to loosening up the ligaments around the base. What stretches did you do to loosen up these ligaments?- Would doing a V-Stretch suffice?

I can’t wait until tomorrow morning when I can resume my routine again and start stretching!

: )

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IMO, doing kegels only is not really a sufficient warm up. Rice socks, or heat wraps for at least 3 minutes sould be included as warm up and a warm down.

galardo, you should feel the stretch mainly at the ligaments, the root of the penis. Right and left sides.

Try getting about %30 erection, and try it again that way. Pull the skin back over the glans a little, before you make the grip.Feel the good stretch, and just wait patiently. It will become longer eventually.

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

HI galardo ,what is happening to you is normal,after a time you will notice gains in gerth and in length after it has happened to me ok now after 3 mounths keep it up .Please note= kegels help with a harder erections Stretching will help you length Suerte Chao

“KT88, I will definately pay more attention to loosening up the ligaments around the base. What stretches did you do to loosen up these ligaments?- Would doing a V-Stretch suffice?”

Normal stretches with the exception of pushing the target ligament down toward the bone with my other hand until I could feel those adhesion’s micro tears. I tried not to over do the tearing at any one time. The purpose was just to stretch and limber up the ligs.

V stretches seem, to me, to be better for Tunica stretching and have been part of my routine also. The long term gain I hope for should come from things like V-stretches, jelqs and the other exercises high on the recommended list of the veterans.

I am preferring to stay away from the extreme exercises that some do. At nearly 60, I’m not out to impress any young woman with a 10 x7! LOL

Age 60 and still going strong! You should be proud of yourself, I’m only 23 and would be amazed if I were still this ‘active’ at your age.

This morning I warmed up for 5 minutes using a hot wrap, and resumed my stretches. I found that when stretching outward (standing up, penis lifted 45 degrees) and ‘tugging’ helped stretch the Tunica a little.

Once again I really appreciate all the advice I’ve been given on this topic- it has really helped me get confidence and settle into a routine. I hope other newbies benefit too.

galardo, welcome from another APR07 Newbie.

Warm-ups and warm-downs are VERY important, so get in the habit of doing them by either taking a warm shower or bath, or using a warm wet rag or warm rice sox.

Listen to ModestoMan. He is one of the Moderators and knows his stuff.

Stick with it and be persistent in your routine. Good Luck with your goal and Good PEing!

You’ll find your way and your confidence all in due time. It seems like you’ve grasped the idea. Modestoman is the man, he knows what he is talking about. Gradually move up and you’ll see results.very gradually though. :D

Good luck to ya and welcome,

Starting-March 15, 2007: BPEL:5.2''| NBPEL: 4.5'' | EG:5''

Today-May 17, 2007 BPEL:7.19' | NBPEL: 6.7" | EG: 5.55"

My dick is on steroids!Progress Report w/pic Overtraining is worse than undertraining...

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