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Is 4.5 months too early to hang

Is 4.5 months too early to hang

Hi all, I’ve been at PE for about 4.5 months and have seen some improvement in flaccid hang and plumpness, but little or no effect on BPEL or BPSFL. I have what feels like a strong cord running through the top of my penis, the ‘steel cord’ or dorsal thickening that has been discussed quite a lot on this forum. I am sceptical about whether I can do much to elongate it by manual stretching as it’s so damn tough, and it definitely feels like it’s imposing an absolute limit on my length. At max stretch, my whole penis still feels quite elastic and soft apart from this cord which is rock solid. I’m also worried about causing it to thicken / strengthen any more. I can’t say I noticed it until recently but maybe I didn’t know what to look for. I have a slight upwards curve by the way, which fits. Having read a lot of threads on this, it seems there’s something of a consensus that hanging, and more specifically fulcrum hanging, is the way to attack this ‘cord’. Can I safely start to hang low weights at this stage, and if it’s too early to begin this are there any other exercises that people can recommend to lengthen the cord?

I’m happy to report by the way that after some initial problems with EQ, I’ve toned down my jelqing routine and am getting great EQ and frequent night wood. So perhaps I feel I’m ready for the next stage.

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If you have been actively PEing for that period of time and not just playing at it then I think you could safely start hanging. A number of factors make this either a very good idea or a very bad idea.

First three should be mandatory in my opinion.

  • Do you have good self monitoring skills? Read the messages that your trouser trout is sending you and you can preempt most injuries.
  • Use OSHA approved PE methodology at all times! In other words, safety first. Know the best/safest bio-mechanics for all your PE endeavors.
  • Know your environment and regularly practice safety/security drills. That way when Mom shows up with a family emergency you are good to go in 90 seconds.

Then toss in a few force multipliers that a dedicated guy could work around if needs must. But have them on your side and hanging becomes pretty easy.
  • Time.
  • Privacy.

Don’t mess with fulcrum hanging. Not now if ever. So many guys make the mistake of thinking that “advanced techniques” are some kind of Epic level skills that magically give you a bigger penis. They are the opposite in fact.

The most potent and effective PE “secret” we posses is the first thing that we give guys; the newbie routine. Nothing comes close in terms of safety, time, effectiveness, gains, and track record. Everything after that is slower, more dangerous; something. The more “advanced” a PE technique; the more it is fucked up in some way.

Advanced techniques are what you use if and when safer/faster/whatever methods have failed you.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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Thanks for that advice. Fortunately time and privacy are not too big a problem for me, so I think I can incorporate hanging. But I won’t dive into it recklessly, I’ll take some more time to read up and then start gently, of course. In the meantime are there less advanced techniques that would have a greater effect on this blasted cord thing than normal manual stretching? I can apply more pressure on it by stretching over a finger, for example, but I don’t want to risk toughening it up further. Is slow, sustained tension as in hanging a better way to tackle it?

If you begin hanging with a weight lower than the force expressed through manual stretching, for the same period, it will be less intensive than manual stretching; there’s nothing magical, or force amplifying about putting on a hanger.

From this point, you can increase the weight as/when you feel comfortable and have developed a greater affinity for your unit’s response to the greater tensile forces involved.

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