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6 months on, 6 months off: the result

6 months on, 6 months off: the result

I just wanted to post a quick note about what has transpired during my 6 month break from a fairly regular 6 month routine.

I started out at 5 15/16” eg and 7” even bpel.

I ended my first 6 months at 6 1/4” eg and 7 5/8” bpel.

After 6 months of no PE activity (other than a piss pull here and there), I am now at 6” eg and 7 5/8” bpel.

I am both pleased and disappointed with the results. For whatever reason, the length has remained and the girth is gone. Perhaps the piss pulls were frequent enough to maintain the length, or maybe the nature of the gains are more permanent? While PEing, I consistently measured after a couple days off to allow for any fluid-induced puffiness from jelqing to subside, but I am fairly certain there must have been enough fluid remaining to fool me. It seems that my girth gains were temporary and would require constant maintenance if I was able to get back to that level by the same means as before (almost entirely by jelqing). I am restarting my routine this week and hope to push past my old marks for a more permanent girth increase. Any advice on cementing girth is welcome.

Slip, girth seems always to me like working out. If you stop working out your body can always get back what it had if it loses it, but it just “forgets” what it once had and how to attain it if you become lazy.

Just think of it as bodybuilders think about their muscle mass. They have to work out to keep it; if they stop working out, they’ll slowly loose their muscle mass during the following months; when they restart, they gain their “lost” muscle mass with fast pace.

I know PE and bodybuilding are 2 different activities, but it’s just for you to have an idea of what I’m talking about.

I had a similar thing happen. I gained 1/4” girth and 7/8” length in 5 months. I took a two month decon break and lost the girth.

The length is still there. I am on the second week of my routine since starting back and have already gained 1/8” of my girth back.

It seems girth is harder to cement that length but it comes back quickly.

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I have kept my girth gains. (Well so far) I’m in week 3 of my break.

Granted that is in no way comparable to 6 months, but mine has sustained never the less.

It seems I usually lose my length gains first though.

So far I’ve kept them this break as well, but I’m going to start mild stretches while I wait for the full break to be over.

But in the past, my length would leave before my girth.


I find this staggering.

Girth gains aren’t’ permanent!?

This is the first I’ve heard of this. I’ve heard that girth gains made through pumping aren’t permanent but I always thought gains made through jelqing and/or clamping were permanent. Is that really not the case? Girth gains aren’t permanent?

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Where’s big girtha when we need him? There aren’t enough girth experts around here.

I know what you mean. Big Girtha disappearing was a real loss. There’s a bunch of questions I want to ask him.

I can’t believe girth work isn’t permanent. I’d run searches to find more info. if I knew what to search for. How have I only just heard this? Surely it can’t be true.

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Does anyone know where Big Girtha went?


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Size Myths in the Porn Industry

I think it is possible for girth gains to be permanent, I just didn’t reach that threshold. I also think that some loss should always be expected, but past a certain point, I expect some gains to last. I could be wrong and some maintenance may always be required, which is also acceptable to me. I’ll post back when I’m a month into resuming my routine. Hopefully I can replicate the quick re-growth of Long Grass and Iquana. Right now, I’m still suffering a spotted newbie dick from broken capillaries. I’ve got to break it in all over again.

Poco - After the first month off, I had lost about 1/8th” and another 1/8th” a month later. Maybe your girth has more staying power? I’ll have to check out your routine to look for differences that we could attribute to that. I only played around with clamping and pumping a couple times - not (yet) a part of my routine.

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