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Too early to expect gains from hanging after two months?

Too early to expect gains from hanging after two months?

Hey guys. On the 27th of this month, I would have reached the second month of my hanging with the good ol’ Cappy’s Wench. I will also be measuring that day. Do you guys think it is to early to be expecting results? Anyone gotten length gains from hanging in a two month period please share about it. Optimetrically, I haven’t noticed my cock to be longer but I do think it’s thicker. But I also know that I PROBABLY wouldn’t be able to notice a 2/16th or 3/16th inch increase to my length so what I think I see isn’t what really matters. What the ruler says is.

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I can only speak from personal experience on this one and Ive been hanging for about 3 months and only in the last 2-3 weeks was I beginning to see gains.

I think the reason for this may be the conditioning of my dick due to manual exercises. I have just reached 10 pounds and believe that I am only now placing enough stress on my member to see significant gains.

Ill have to wait and see to be sure.


I just wrote recently about this in The CCH3 Thread.

I also have been hanging over two months with no gains.

I hang comfortably with very little wrap or no wrap with the CCH3. I ride at 7lbs because I still feel Fatigue.

I took off this week and will start with a move up to 10lbs. more stretches, will add Flowers and Uli with my

cable clamp from the Captains wrench. I guess I fall under a slow gainer “SHIT” Its probably my Age.

Thunder has me motivated Good Luck on your Gains

You will not see gains until you reach that point that your dick can no longer handle the weight without adapting to the stress.

The exact time frame and amount of weight required to elicit gains in your dick is completely unknown to anyone except your dick and its respective strengths and elasticities.

You could hang for a year with no gains if you never exceeded your dick’s elasticity and strength capacities with the proper amount of weight.

Conversely, you could say you hang with 50 lbs. and still no gains if you didn’t have the proper amount of time. Ergo, as you can now see, time and weight are completely irrelevant if not looked at in a synergistic fashion. One does not matter and has no importance without the other.

So speaking in terms of time using weeks, months, and weight using lbs. etc offers no insight to your gains and gain potential as nothing is set in stone. Only your dick knows what it can handle from both stimulus and reacts accordingly.

These are the facts. Now that we have the facts out of the way, I can offer you my opinion, or point of view rather.

Forget about time. Yes, that’s right, forget about it. Forget about weight. Yes, that’s right forget about weight as well. Forget about the two very things you probably focus on the most like most on this journey.

Because they are irrelevant. It will take as long as takes (time) and as much as it takes (weight). Force equals resistance. So why would you try to force gains? The result can not be positive.

Work your way up to Hanging as many sets as possible until you reach the maximum amount of time you have available each week for PE using a comfortable weight. All the while, listening to your dick and responding accordingly.

Then, once you reach the max time you have available for PE, work your weight up until you find the max weight your dick can take. All the while, listening to your dick and responding accordingly.

Follow this and gains will come. But only your dick knows when…

Hope this helps. Peace.

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Well I was a lucky SOB and got maybe 0.5” inches in the first two months. Part of that half inch could have been from manual upward stretching not sure. Not exactly sure on the length gain from pure hanging but it was over a .25”.

Be patient the gains will come. As long as you feel like you are working out your unit then you will grow.


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