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Interesting 'problem' I have.

Interesting 'problem' I have.

So I’m almost at my short term goal now. I got a problem though.. At the base of my penis I got this ‘bump’. I have been having sex recently without a condom but the person I have been having sex with is totally clean and so am I. Anyway it might be a thrombson(however you spell it) vein or could it be an ingrown hair? I have been shaving my base recently and I’m hoping it’s an ingrown hair but I honestly can’t tell the difference. It’s hard, about pinkey nail sized and it hurts if I push on it. I want to continue clamping and jelqing but I can’t because it kinda hurts if I go over it. Any ideas?

Starting/Present: 7.0 NBPEL x 5.5 EG

4/1/07 - 7.0 NBPEL x 5.7 EG - Pic: Chief dantes pics

Settle For: 8.5 NPEL x 6.5 EG

Ingrown, I bet. They are lovely.

Originally Posted by SJY
Check Mr Nine’s “guess the size” thread, he has an ingrown hair on his pic is it like that?

Gee, thanks a lot Slack. :D But for love of education, I guess it is nessecary.

Yea, Not to sound like a broken record, but, it sounds like an ingrown hair.

Soy gringo, por favor perdone mis errores.

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