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Injury After 2 Jelqs?

Injury After 2 Jelqs?

I have been practicing two or three jelqs for the past two weeks in order to get the technique right before I start actually conditioning.
Last night I did the same, but a little firmer to match what was happening in the training video. Later I masturbated and my erection was definitely fuller, and flaccid hang longer.

This morning I woke up with no morning wood, unable to get hard except manually. My flaccid state is a little firm.

Seriously, what the hell? I did not press that hard.. There was and is absolutely no pain.

Listen, I’m not panicking, I know this ed will subside in time (thank God it was only 2!) If nothing else for the first time in a while I can urinate in a single stream. But my faith is a bit shaken in the safety of this practice. Can anyone explain what just happened?

You jerked off at night and wokeup without a morning wood. Sounds normal to me.

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Extending and Stretching

2 jelqs is not the reason for your problem. Your body is made to take a lot of punishment and what you describe doesn’t even come close to causing injury.

Your problem, which may not be a problem at all, lies somewhere else.

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