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Injury story

Injury story

I would like it if this could be put in the injury forum, but I do not have access to post there. I would also like to say that I do not intend this post to be a bashing of PE. I write this to help others avoid my situation, and maybe as a little therapy as well. I just think it needs to be included in the forum archive. I apologize for the length of this post.

In July of 2005 I started a light PE routine that I had purchased from an enlargement internet site. I was somewhat above average in size, and current and past partners had complimented me, but like most everyone else, I wanted more. I remember seeing someplace that PE could cause serious damage, but I thought if they are selling this program and there are all these forums with guys having great success, there can`t be any real danger in it. So I never really gave that another thought. I registered for this forum but didn`t really research it like I should have. I read up on the basics of the techniques a few places but mostly just used the pictures and instructions from the pay site as a reference and got started.

I did some flaccid stretches, jelqs, and sometimes kegels. My routine was from the pay site, but was considered a newbie routine. Stretches were light and not for long periods of time. I started with maybe 80 jelqs or so, soon moved to 100, but never exceeded 120 in one session. I think that would be considered pretty light to most people. I did my routine an average of 3 times a week. After maybe a month or so I noticed a definate increase in flaccid size, which I was happy with. I read that erect gains came later, so I kept going, but didn`t really increase the intensity of my workout. Thinking that I was not getting enough blood into my glans, I did begin to jelq over my glans—I don`t know if this did any harm or not. Also, like some others, I had a hard time not getting too erect when jelqing. I read that you should not jelq fully erect (even though the exact consequences of this always seem to be pretty vague), so I tried to avoid it by stopping to let it subside as I neared full erection. However, I do know that during each session some of my jelqs (don`t remember what proportion) were done at a higher erection level than they probably should have been.

After about 2 and a half months of my routine, I started to notice increased veinage in my penis, as well as an increase in girth. I checked the forum here and saw that veinage was to be expected. I also noticed some mild soreness the next day after PEing. I figured that was normal, but I took a break and started again when I felt ok. Looking back, I guess the increased girth may have been evidence that too many of my jelqs were being done with too high of an erection level. Also about this time (early October), I noticed that I was having trouble getting the kind of erections I had before. I also started to have problems with premature ejaculation. Although my erections weren`t the same intensity as they were when I was a little younger (I am now 30), I didn`t have any notable erection problems before PE, and premature ejaculation was not a concern. So throughout the month of October I researched these problems and also took time off from PE because of the soreness I had experienced.

I did my last PE session in late October. I was continuing to look into info on my ED and premature ejaculation problems, when out of the blue during the course of one week my dick went through the most unbelievably messed up metamorphasis. It turtled up and got hard, I lost my night wood, and it became almost impossible to get erect. This was about 11 weeks ago. Since then I have been to the urologist a number of times. I checked out fine on a doppler scan, which I believe is the major test they do to assess ED problems. The urologist does admit that I have some tissue damage, but he does not realize the severity of it because he did not see my dick before all this. There is obviously some significant damage to the tissues and most likely the nerves as well. My flaccid is sometimes hard and turtled up and other times limp and completely lifeless. It feels like what is inside is a completely different material from what was in there a few months ago. It feels like it is full of jelly. It is scary. I can only get half erections at night if I am lucky. I can`t get spontaneous erections. I have tried to have sex a few times since then but it is almost impossible to get a full erection. Then I basically orgasm upon penetration. My dick is completely messed up. I have tried to avoid sex and masturbation upon recommendation of another member who went through a similar experience. He says that with rest it will gradually heal over a long period of time (he is still healing after almost two years).

So at this point, I am feeling that I will be lucky if I can gradually heal in the months (and possibly years) to come. In the meantime I have a very gorgeous, sexy girlfriend that I used to have a great sex life with. We also had a very good, unique relationship going. I guess I have had women that measured up to her in the past, but now that I am a little older I know I probably won`t have a chance with a girl like this again. We are still together for now, but I really don`t think it will last long. It kills me that I can`t have sex with her, and although she says she is ok without sex in the immediate future, I know she is sexually frustrated. I feel like complete shit when I walk around with this cool, gorgeous girl knowing that I am basically impotent. I used to have so much going for me, and felt worthy of her affections. I feel worthless and can`t stop thinking of all that I have lost trying to put another half an inch on my dick. I keep flashing back to the point early on in our relationship when she complemented me on my size and thinking “why in the fuck did I ever do this in the first place?”

This has totally fucked me up. I have had to take time off work to try to deal with the mental aspects of this. I am sure there are those of you who will say, “oh, you just need to get a grip.” But try to put yourself in my position. I never thought I could feel like such shit. I really don`t know what the hell to do.

I guess I should stop this now, as it is already way too long. If any of you have advice, that is great. If you are going to say this is mental or it`s a case of overtraining, please don`t waste your time. This is way, way beyond that. Also, please don`t say that it`s not due to PE because it is. When I look at my dick, I can`t believe it is even possible this could happen to it. Although I can`t say exactly what part of my routine caused the injury, it must be that I was too erect sometimes when I jelqed. I don`t know for sure. Please just be careful with your PE and know that such serious injuries are possible. Avoid getting erect for any of your jelqs, and take note of early warning signs like soreness, ED, or premature ejaculation. Again, I want to emphasize I am not bashing PE. If I had spent more time researching this site, maybe I would not be in this position today. I don`t know. If my situation improves I will post to let you know.


That is a very sad story, especially with the girlfriend in the picture, and you have my deepest sympathy. I don’t think anyone will doubt your honesty or accuse of you bashing PE. Your warnings about erect jelqing are very important, and newbies need to be aware that PE can cause serious injuries, even if the risk is low with ordinary exercises done properly.

These are my first thoughts; I apologize if you already answered any of these questions in your post:

1. You said the doc scanned your penis and reported that everything was pretty normal. Did he try injecting a drug to induce erection? That’s another important test to see if there’s a profound physiological problem with the penis.

2. Have you seen only one urologist? If you are convinced that this doctor is missing something, you may want to get a second opinion.

3. If a second urologist confirms what the first one said — that your dick is fine — you may want to reconsider your certainty here:

Originally Posted by jtmorgan10
If you are going to say this is mental… please don’t waste your time. This is way, way beyond that.

How can you be so sure that part of the problem isn’t psychogenic — and why do you find that possibility insulting? Surely that would be preferable to permanently physically damaged penis, if that turned out to be the case.

OK. First I will answer your questions.
1. As part of the doppler scan, he did induce an erection. I got an erection and the blood flow showed up normal on the scan. But that is basically just a test of blood flow. So what I can deduce from that is that there are no serious problems with my veins and arteries. Although I did get an erection, it was at a notably lower angle and had a spongy quality to it. When I have been stimulated into an erection, they usually have this spongy quality to them or feel light, like my dick is filled with honeycomb. This, as well as my flaccid state tells me there is severe tissue damage, and I believe nerve damage as well.

2. I have not yet seen another urologist for a few reasons. The major one is that I know he won`t be able to do anything for it. I know Dr. Lin has a really bad name on here, and I am not saying he knows anything. I am not a supporter of his. However, I have gone through all of the letters on that site, and there are other guys who have similar problems and all say the same thing—urologists can`t do anything to help them. Even though Dr. Lin may be a quack I know those letters have to be real because they are so much like my experience. There are also members on this forum and another forum who say the same thing. Everyone seems to have the same experience—urologists can`t really detect the damage, and there is nothing they can do. My urologist told me to take vitamin E to promote healing. I am taking that, as well as other supplements and also often take Viagra at night to promote nocturnal erections.

3. The urologist didn`t really say I was fine. This is just way over his head. I think it is way over anyone`s head. Just like 99% of urologists probably don`t buy into the fact that PE can enlarge your dick and don`t understand how it works, so too are they in the dark about associated damages.

That being said.I am sorry but I get extremely angry when people on these forums say this is mental. I try to explain how drastic the physical changes in my penis are. It is completely different from the dick I had a few months ago. I know it seems impossible for most people to believe. But believe me. It feels like it is full of jelly, it has taken on a brownish hue and leathery skin tone, and the head is sometimes cold. It is completely fucked up. You would think I would have had to hang a 100 pound weight on it for a week to fuck it up this bad. But I think I was just gradually screwing it up and didn`t know it. I never felt any pain during PEing, like I said, just a little the next day a few times. I do not get any decent night erections without Viagra. That is pretty solid evidence this is not mental. I truly wish it were mental. I just can`t believe this happened. From everything I have read and seen, all I can do is wait, take supplements, and hope it gets better.

Did you tell your urologist exactly what you were doing that caused the changes in your penis?

In a roundabout way. But I explained it in a way that it would be due to sexual activity because if I go to the doctor for something I did to myself like this my insurance won`t cover it. So I explained it in the best way I could that would chalk it up to rough sexual activity leading to stretching or forcing blood back into the penis. I understand that a lot of people will say that I have to tell the urologist exactly how it happened. If I go to another one I probably will. If I thought it would help to come out with the full story I would have, but from what I have heard from others who did tell the urologist exact details, it doesn`t make any difference. I just can`t believe this happened to me. Out of the many thousands of guys on this and other forums I have looked through I know there have to be hundreds if not thousands who do more dangerous things. You just can`t believe what this feels like. I understand there are millions of people in this world who have it worse off than me, and I try to keep this in perspective. But this is totally devastating me. I wouldn`t wish it on my worst enemy.

It does sound truly devastating. I hope other guys with more knowledge of penile injuries will be able to help.

Thanks. I have gotten some good advice from another guy on here who had a similar situation. He says you just have to be patient and it is possible that it will get better. But I just feel flipping hopeless. For the last eleven weeks I could have been having great sex with my girlfriend and further developing our relationship. Right before this happened we were beginning to consider long-term prospects. I was really happy and had a great life. I was really looking forward to my future. Now I know I will lose her before too long. Then I will have to somehow pick myself and my messed-up dick up off the ground and try to move on with my life. I have applications in to start PhD studies in the fall, but right now I just can`t picture myself functioning effectively enough to do rigorous academic work. Every day I just beat my fucking head against the wall and think this can`t really be happening.

Originally Posted by jtmorgan10
Thinking that I was not getting enough blood into my glans, I did begin to jelq over my glans—I don`t know if this did any harm or not.

Before the glans, there are some important nerves and stuff that you should not jelq at. I’ve seen some recomendations that you should ‘quit’ your jelq before the head, and take it more careful at the end of the shaft.

Pardon my english, but you get the point, right? Don’t jelq your head, and especially don’t do it with high erection level.

I don’t know if it was this jelqhead-thing that contributed to your damage, but I’ll put it here just in case someone else reads it. Read a lot folks.

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I feel for you dude i really do, I could honestly see myself doing something like that, and really have to physically restrain myself from doing overwork. I just can’t help it. Seems unfair how you followed all the rules and still this happens.
This may sound a little crazy but:

Could this possibly be anything to do with the stretched tissues of the internal structure of the penis contracting? Have you tried any Jelqing activity at all since this happened?

The reason i ask this is because, well perhaps you could stretch the tissue back out again or something. I’m not sure, you really need to ask one of the penile injury expert guys. Those were just some thoughts of mine. Keep it heat treated, and keep it up with frequent massages, using Vit E stuff, and any types of oil.

I’m really sorry man, i wish you luck with the healing process

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That’s about the scariest story I’ve read so far.I’m into my 7th week of PE and everything was going perfectly smooth with me; I was doing stretches,jelqs,Ali’s,for about 1 hour 5days & 2 off and my gains so far were:from 5.8” EL to 6.5 EL and from 4.8” girth to 5.2” but now I’m so scared that I’ll stop PE as today.

Well, that sounds 100% like peyronies. I got while trying to take a cockring of from my pumped-up member. I tell you, don’t focus on PE for the first few months/years, focus on softyl massaging your member & HOPE (just like me) that science will one day find a remedy to dissolve the scar tissue in your member.

I have all the symptoms you describe : No more morning woods, hard feeling dick while flaccid, lost length & girth compared to before I started doing PE, premature ejaculation (in my case, I allready had this before the incident).

And probably the last (& best) tip…. Stay away from traction devices, their nose will destroy the nervebundle right below the glans, which in turn will cause you not having a woodie-on-command.

Rest, rest, rest, read,read,read, massage,massage,massage.

That’s all I can help you with. Don’t wanna scare you, but I’m into this situation for 4 years, and PE hasn’t helped me at all, quite contrary.

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As far as stretching the tissue back out, the thought went through my head once earlier during this. But I soon realized there was no way that could be the case. I know that everyone`s flaccid is different in different states, depending on temperature, mood, etc. But my flaccid has extremely fucked-up behavior now. Sometimes it is small, tight, and hard, like the tissues are contracted. However, other times it is all loose and relaxed, with no firmness to it, and hangs very long and lifeless, like the tissues are too stretched out. It may sound normal, but trust me, it`s not. My basic conclusion is that they were gradually damaged and the structure is now out of whack.

The urologist did give me Viagra. It helps a little in improving my erection, but not a lot. It`s still not adequate for decent sex. And the times I have had sex, I really have no orgasm control, and it has caused me some pain in subsequent days, like I am aggravating it, so I am staying away from sex until things improve. Right now I am using the Viagra to promote night erections hoping the blood flow will speed healing and keep me from losing too much size.

The urologist said it`s not pyronies. He could not detect any scar tissue in my penis. I read about your injury, and I think mine may be a little different. I did not have one painful incident that caused this injury. In fact, I don`t remember experiencing any notable pain during PE at all—maybe a stretched-out feeling a couple of times. I think it was gradual tissue damage that is spread evenly throughout my shaft. All I can figure is that the tissue damage must be in some form that it looks normal on a doppler scan because I have come across other guys with similar stories whose urologists can`t detect tissue damage on the doppler but they have obvious tissue damage. I realize that pyronies can develop later after an injury so maybe it will develop into detectable scar tissue.

#1: Make sure you’re not dehydrated: this will give you a hard, lifeless flaccid. Drink more water and less caffeine, eat less refined sugar and white rice and more real food.
#2: More aerobic exercise: get your heart rate up. More blood flowing = better health, better healing. Occasionally I feel that sort of hard, weird flaccid, usually when I have a fever: exercise gets rid of it and my dick feels normal again.
#3: Make sure stress isn’t keeping you from eating. If you’re losing weight without exercising, you’re in starvation mode and you’ll find it very difficult to get aroused.
#4: Kegels. They improve erection quality, and I can’t think of anything bad they could possibly do to the penis itself. Don’t overdo them right away or your PC/BC will get exhausted and things will actually be worse for a day or two. Treat it like a regular workout and only work them hard once every few days. The rest of the time some light squeezes to keep toned are enough.
#5: Are you cut? If so, are you cut really short? If you’ve got a little surplus skin, try pulling what you have left over the head (even partway helps) and holding it there with a band-aid or condom so it’s not rubbing fabric all the time. Don’t do this at night (nocturnal erections).
#6: Viagra only augments arousal; it doesn’t replace it. If you’re totally stressed you won’t respond to it very well.

I am not a doctor, so take this as advice, not counsel.but I hope it helps.

This is a very good advice.

Hey man, you say you have been taking viagra at night. What if you stop taking the pill for 5-6 weeks, see what happens. I mean if in those many weeks youve taken V, if you havent seen results, maybe it`s time to try something else, just let it heal on its own. Or maybe try a natural supplement that increases bloodflow to the dick.

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