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I'm pissed off with all these injuries

I'm pissed off with all these injuries

Well, every time the same thing - I start PE, do it for couple of times and then comes the bad EQ, the blunt pain in the head, the red dots and finally one week without quality sex. I stopped stretching, do only jelquing, but only if I use a little stronger grip, the injuries come back.

I’m already concerned about the healthy of my precious - are these symptoms common? Is it going to recover every time again and again? Will be there any benefits if I use only light jelq?

Thank you and greetings!

The benefits of starting light is to condition your cock so you don’t get all of those injuries. Even after you get conditioned, you don’t need excessive force to get results. PE is a game of finesse, not force.

So back off on the intensity to the point of being able to do the exercises with no negative effects. Then you will see much better results.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I have dealt with every injury that you mentioned. Firegoat, a very wise member of this forum, once told me some words of advise that really helped me along my PE journey. He told me to “focus on health”, don’t worry about the gains. After all, what good is a big dick if you can use it. I am convinced that you and I get injured if we even think about PE. I constructed a DIY power jelq because I felt like it would give me more control with jelqing and it really has. So I really recommend it if manual jelqing is causing you problems.

Right now the first thing you should do is rest and get your EQ back to normal. Next I recommend the linear newbie routine with absolutely the least amount of force possible. I would make a recommendation for how long to stick with it, but the truth is that everyone’s dick different. So just pay attention to what your precious is telling you and go slow until he is ready to go to the next step.

Good luck!

I would echo what everyone else has said. Build yourself up slowly. When I first started doing the jelq I had not seen any demo vids. I had only read about it and so I started doing it what is technically the wrong way, a way that is more likely to cause injury. I had to build myself up for a long time before the injuries became minimal. I’m doing it the wrong way but it’s the way I’m used to and it’s working so I stick with it and deal with the negatives. I still have to take some time off every 3-4 weeks unfortunately. Start off SLOW.

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