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Serious injuries?

Serious injuries?

Has anyone here had serious injuries from PE that have needed surgery to repair or even worse, been inoperable and permanent? I now believe that I have an injury that will require surgery to put right, or worse, be permanent and inoperable.

I don’t know why I was always so injury prone to tunica stretching but I frequently got injuries from extremely light tunica stretching. It always, always fealt wrong. The tunica stretching injuries always occured just below the head and deep inside. The injuries always healed after a few weeks of rest but I think that they left a weak spot in my dick that made me increasingly prone to injuries in that spot. The last time I got an injury there, I thought that it would go away but it never properly healed, even after months and months of rest. Gentle masterbation was fine but I could not pull on my cock in any way what so ever. I waited and waited but it never healed past that point. Then one day, after months off of PE my dick became very sore in the same weak spot after simply masterbating and since then, even masterbation aggrivates it and makes it feel sore and very unstable inside. My dick feels permanently unstable inside when erect.

The problem is, this injury feels very deep inside the penis, just under the head. What the hell can a surgeon even do about that? How the hell can a surgeon get into the middle of the cavernosa without causing complete carnage to my dick and damaging me even further? What’s more, how could any surgery ever heal deep inside my dick when it’s an appendage that frequently stretches and pulls internally through erections? I can’t exactly stop my dick from getting hard. Maybe chemical castration would help if I had surgery, so that my testosterone levels were rock bottom for a couple of months?

I haven’t made an appointment with a urologist until now because I always thought that the injury would heal with enough time and enough abstinence from masterbation. I have now come to the conclusion that my dick either needs surgery to heal, or is inoperable and permanently fucked. This won’t be fun for me because I have anxiety about female nurses seeing how small my dick is. I guess it’s a humiliation that I will just have to go through. God I feel down. Anyway, I would really appreciate some feedback from any of you who might know about the possibilities of surgery in such a deeply embedded area of the penis and would also like to hear from others who might have gone through surgery to fix injuries from PE. Thanks.


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I am disappointed with the amount of viewings that my thread has recieved so far. How do I stand a chance of attracting the attention of people with similar experiences? As soon as I posted my thread, it was listed half way down the page, no one is going to even see it under the dozen older posts above it. I am thinking of posting this in the main forum, unless a mod can do that for me instead. I’ll wait another day to see if the rate of viewings picks up.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

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Thankyou to the mod who moved my thread to the main forum. ;)

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Gottagrow, explain more about your symptoms please.

Do you have pain in flaccid and erect state?

What damage do you think you have done?

Is your penis functional?

When you say “Tunica stretches, what do you mean, just manual stretching?

Don’t worry about seeing your GP. I had to a few weeks back because I was getting pain in my right testicle.
My penis always turtles when I am anxious so I felt tiny too but she made me feel at ease, she has seen hundreds before all shapes and sizes.

Do we even have Urologists in England that GP can refer you to?

I’m really sorry to hear about your distressing situation. I don’t have any advice for you other than that I feel strongly you can be more confident than you appear to that, now that you are getting medical attention, there will be a way to get it healed. I mean, if I was in your shoes I would already, in the least, really be looking forward to seeing some kind of ultrasound or something that showed what was going on inside just to reduce the physical mystery for yourself.


I’m really sorry to hear about your injuries and wish you the best of luck. You have my sympathies. As a caveat to others: If something always, always feels wrong, stop before you encounter an injury.

Good luck to you gottagrow and please keep us informed as far as diagnosis and progress.

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I’m also sorry about your injury, do you still have all the sensitivity?, I was thinking about surgery, penis went completely numb and started shrinking and change appearance (veins), but my feeling returned after 27 months. I think the whole dorsal artery vessel and dorsal nerves in general had to recover after advanced Uli’s in a wrong way. I’m quite surprised how resilient the organ is, I was a heavy weight lifter and I went berserk on the thing and applied WAY to much pressure and got a serious injury. Anyway I was basically close to suicide for a year with severe depression and I think the recovery took alot longer because of the psychological aspect. The whole glans had to regrow it’s mucosa, yeah apparently it does grow back even if I though that free nerve endings don’t grow back. The injury must have been to nerves below the glans, but I think the whole nerve will be damaged as the damage spread when you get a laceration, that’s why it takes so DAMN long time to repair. So a word of advice when injured first you try to relax then get to a urologist, find someone specialising in ED to make the necessary tests to see if it’s actually physical damage, also check if you got two pulses the left lateral dorsal artery and the right lateral dorsal artery(supplying glans surface). If you injure one of those superficial arteries you will probably also have injured the right or left dorsal nerve that accompany the arteries. Check this document for more info about whats normal and not with the penis blood supply,…riog raphy.pdf

Man, I’m really sorry to hear about your situation. If I were you I would completely abstain from all masturbation and sexual contact for an extended period of time, while using hot wraps and IR light therapy. It would take considerable will power and determination, but it could give your penis a chance to heal completely. Good luck dude.

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Is Gottagrow still around? this is quite an old thread. It would be interesting to hear what his current situation is.

Always be cool.

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He’s an ex member so no, he’s not anymore around (with that username, at least ;) ).

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