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If it was normal or not

If it was normal or not

Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine use the full three weeks, and for now do not have good results. My penis is not increased in length for 1mm! Do not know what the problem is, if this is normal .. Slowly lost hope that it’s possible to increase penis! May need to change something, but do not know what? # 5-10 minutes hot wrap

# 5-10 minutes manual stretch (last week 10min.)

# 10-15 minutes of wet jelq (last week 15min.)

# 5-10 minutes hot wrap .

Yes, you need to change something. Change the idea that gains will come quick. Stick with the newbie routine for atleast 2 to 3 months then see where your at. It all takes time, a lot of time.

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Change your negative thought process, PE is not an exact science and could take several months before you see any size gains. Stay positive and the routine you have been doing seems fine, so stick to it.

Also I suggest going back and looking at your technique, maybe there are things that can be changed to improve your gains. Do some research and find out what method there are and experiment a little bit.

We all have different bodies, some of us may experience very notable change initially while for some it may take some time. One thing which has kept me motivated is that positive change will occur. The key is consistency and remaining positive. Over the last year or so I have wanted to gain more in length but ended up making considerable growth in terms of girth. In this life the way I look at it a gain is a gain even if its an improvement in erection quality.

It took me a while to see some results on a newbie routine but at the end of 3months I had gained close to an inch in length and outstanding erection quality. Be patient and continue with the newbie routine.

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Put some stretches into your routine, look on the wiki pages for more info on them

make sure to warm up before stretching, not just at the end of your routine, that makes it so the tissue is easier to expand

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