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If I can't be helped I feel like I don't want to live

Originally Posted by Big-Dreams
I’m almost done with trying anymore.

That’s your biggest mistake right there - quitting. Every gainer has one thing in common: consistency. They stick with it even when they don’t think they are gaining. Sooner or later, they end up gaining.

If you going to post I’m stupid or crazy cause I want to die over this go ahead but it won’t change anything. I’ve never had sex in my life and maybe never will cause of how I feel about my girth. I’ve been at this for three months and I just don’t understand how to gain girth. I understand that P.E doesn’t’t work for everyone and that three months is not a lot but since I never get a bigger post girth, and it seems you must have to gain I just don’t get it.

No one thinks you’re crazy. You’re not alone to feel stressed out - trust me on that. You’re 20 and a virgin? I’m six years older than you and still one, believe me - it’s not by choice. So don’t worry about that because at least you’re not as bad off in that department as me :)

I’ve tried wet and dry jelq and almost every girth exercises listed on here and other websites and no matter what I NEVER get a bigger post girth. I’ll do my workout get erect and it’s still the same at 4.25. I’ve tried different days on and off, took a week off and tried again but still nothing. I’ve done it for 20 minutes to over an hour and still the same. Is getting a higher post girth mark a must for gains? If so I’m willing to do anything no matter how extreme.

No it’s not. Let’s say you have a 4” erect girth (hypothetically now). When you are done jelqing, your dick will not be erect (it will be hanging down), BUT it will be plump to around that 4” of girth. Meaning you have your erect girth while your dick is NOT erect. At least this is the case for me. The only time I know of people who get this bigger expansion to measure while they are exercising is those who clamp or pump. If you are still finding your way in PE, I recommend you do not clamp or pump just yet.

I’ve thought that maybe my body is just so skinny that maybe I can’t gain girth but who knows if that is true. I’ve thought that maybe I can’t do the jelq grip properly cause of my small girth, I’ve read on here of people that had this girth and gained but I just don’t understand.

Not to worry. Your being skinny has nothing to do with your penis size. In fact, being thin will make your dick appear bigger and also allow you to use more of it than someone who is fat.

I do appreciate anyone if they do post telling me the world is more than how I see it but my mind is set and either I figure this out or I’m done.

I just did that, and I hope this helps. Also look down from this post about an inch. See those icons with one saying “favorites”? Click that one. Check out my favorites. I have a lot of indexed categories on people who have gained and how they do it and what they did. If you need anymore help then let me know.

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Chris, three months isn’t enough to think that this stuff can’t work, Newbie gains are gnerally lenght gains, girth gains are harder to achieve.

You said that you tried almost eveything: sorry to hit you, but it’s like saying you tried nothing. It should means that your penis had not time to adapt to too many stimuli.

However, the first step right now is to post the more details you can about PE work that you’ve done since now. Basing on that, we could give you educated opinions on how to make all this stuff working better.

at this point in your life, PE is not for you my friend. :)

Give yourself a break. Back away from it for awhile, and address what the real issues are?

Saying “if I can’t make my dick bigger I don’t want to live” is a cry for help, and a sure sign that the size of your dick is not your problem. It is merely what you are focusing on — a symbol — of issues you have to work out that are deeper and less simple. It is obvious to me, if you magically had a bigger dick overnight, you would not be that much better off.

You are not stupid or crazy, but your priorities are out of whack. You mentioned “there are a lot of factors as to why I’m down but this is a huge part that eats me alive everyday of my life,” and I 100% know this is true! I am also sure that many — if not all — of these other issues are waaaaaay more important than the size of your cock.

My advice? Talk to someone. About the real issues. If you are in school, start with a guidance councilor or a nurse. Most workplaces have some sort of “help programs” now, too, if they aren’t too small. Talk to your GP. Maybe you know someone who is seeing a therapist and can get a referral?

In the grand scheme of things, cock size isn’t that big of a deal. And you can always come back to it later when the “important stuff” is figured out, and build on that foundation in a healthy way.

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

I know that this is going to be hard to hear but I don’t think that your issue is really with your penis. You have some deeper issues that you will probably have to deal with at some point.

I can’t express how disappointed I was when I found myself unquestionably above average but not feeling any better about myself and my life. When there are painful underlying issues, gaining can in some ways be worse than not gaining. At least, when I was trying to gain, I had a goal. Something that I obsessed about. Something that I thought would make me complete. It didn’t.

Okay, back to PE. I gained nothing for at least the first six months. Granted, this was way back in the early days, long before this size was started. But, I see the same problem then that I see now. You can read words and even watch videos but you really can’t tell if you are doing the exercises correctly until you grow. You just can’t. Also, who knows, maybe for some of us, several months of exercises are necessary before gains can get started.

And, I have gained as a result of some very extreme techniques. I don’t suggest them. Terrible things happened to the skin when I did them. But most importantly, the gains didn’t make me happy. I thought that they would. I really did.

You’re going to be okay. Intelligent, sensitive women probably wont have issues with your current size. Hang in there!

Hey, Big-Dreams, it’s me again. I just wanted to tell you that you are somewhat inspiring me now(to come out of my funk). Between the time I last posted to you(about 3 hours ago) and now, my girlfriend of 11 months called me out of the blue and broke up with me(I had extreme hopes with this one, and never saw this coming). I am completely devastated. Honestly I have been crying for the last hour or so. But I remembered the post I left you earlier and It has inspired me. So has everyone else who posted here. Even though nobody even knows us personally, or probably ever seen us, they are here for us, man. These people are here to support and help whoever needs it. Even though I am not asking for sympathy or support of any kind, it comforts me to know that people would gladly offer it. So if nothing else, look at us as your “band of brothers.” And never forget that at Thunder’s Place you will be welcomed with open arms. Stick this one out, and look at everyone’s advice and take it seriously. But don’t forget we are here for you man.

Originally Posted by penismith
You’re going to be okay. Intelligent, sensitive women probably wont have issues with your current size. Hang in there!

Preach it brother :) Preach it.

I'm fed up of having a signature!

I’m sorry you are feeling so down and I can’t say anything better to help you that these gentlemen haven’t already said, but I just want you to know that no matter what your young and you have your whole life ahead of you. It WILL get better.

I think all the replies so far have been great. I’d like to hear from the topic starter.

Also, it got me thinking.. isn’t most of the above so motherly or yin side? What would the yang replies sound like for anyone who knows what I’m talking about? Is it possible that it would also be encouraging and helpful or is better that the father minds his own business at times like this?

I don’t know how this will sound but Big-Dreams, I see you’re not the attention whore (joined in 2006 and only 6 posts) which is why I believe you have a hard time. Still I encourage you to post more about your problems, as you can see people here are great, be more proactive and believe in change. Do something right now that makes you feel good and enjoy the moment.

See this video: Not giving a fuck!. Of course take it with a grain of salt but it has a point…

Well I didn’t expect so many responses but thank you everyone for your input Ill try to answer everything.

MitchC- I haven’t tried clamping and I know this is one of the extreme P.E things you can do but if that’s what it takes then I may need help getting into that. I still don’t understand if your post girth needs to be higher when fully erect or not erect after a girth workout for it to work. You say I have potential to gain a inch in girth? Well that would be more than enough if that was possible, I really just want to be close to 5 which is what I read is average.
I’ll explain what has happen to me and why I haven’t had sex. I didn’t mention in my first post that I was gay because I wasn’t’t sure if people would hold it against me and would be less incline to help but I am. I’ve been with only a couple men and while we didn’t’t have full on sex they have seen my size and they were always bigger in girth and it seems like girth is way more important that length. I feel like the world I live is so superficial and all that matter is looks and dick size and if I can achieve both then I can fit in and enjoy my life. I’m guessing the straight and gay world are just as harsh with having a big dick, I understand that some people are “size queens” and the fact that they wouldn’t’t want to be with me anymore cause of that is stupid. But trust me when it happens you don’t feel that way, all you think is I failed, wasn’t’t good enough.

As for my measurements: Pre P.E NBPEL: 6.50 EG: 4.25. 3 months in NBPEL: 7 EG: 4.25
My flaccid length: 4 inches My flaccid girth: 4.
My bone pressed erect length is almost the same cause of being skinny and little fat pad.

My routine: DLD’s NEWBIE ROUTINE- 6 to 7 days a week

Basic Stretching: 3 Sets of each stretch below
Behind The Cheeks to the Left: 30-seconds
Behind The Cheeks to the Center: 30-seconds
Behind The Cheeks to the Right: 30-seconds

Straight Down to the Left: 30-seconds
Straight Down to the Center: 30-seconds
Straight Down to the Right: 30-seconds
Straight Down Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Straight Out to the Left: 30-seconds
Straight Out to the Center: 30-seconds
Straight Out to the Right: 30-seconds
Straight Out Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Straight Up to the Left: 30-seconds
Straight Up to the Center: 30-seconds
Straight Up to the Right: 30-seconds
Straight Up Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Basic Jelqing

For First 2 weeks - 300 2 Second Jelqs

After 2 weeks - 600 2 Second Jelqs

After Jelq: Warm Down

PC Muscle Fitness

100 quick Kegel squeezes

50 of the following:
Squeeze your PC muscle as hard as you can, hold for 5 seconds then slowly release for 2 seconds. When you have finished the 50 your PC muscle will be screaming. This is a good sign. Now to finish the exercise start squeezing and hold for 1 minute, if you get tired squeeze harder until the minute is complete.
Sickjester4- Thank you for the kind words

Krowax- In the past three months I have become very dedicated in my routine and P.E in general. Yes there are many aspect to being a lover but this is such a big part. Yes I’m skinny but people find me attractive, It’s not like I’m ugly just my confidence is nothing.

Siva Lingam- I really I though I had the smallest girth a guy can possibly have cause like I’ve said before everyone I’ve seen was bigger. But hopefully you and I can become average.

Mrlength- I’ve done high level jelq and it doesn’t’ seem to change much, and I’ll look into P.E weights

Mark777- I think I’ve tried the O-bends but maybe I’m just doing every thing wrong. I’ve seen videos and even payed a site to see more videos on how to do the exercises. Yes I did get length from P.E, I’m guessing it was from stretching.

Mjolnir- Yes I hope your right that anyone can gain from jelqs and a good routine.

Lampwick- My routine was made by a person called DLD. It was his newbie routine that is on his website matterofsize.

Carlos11&Yataghan50- Once again thank you for the support

Baller9011- That is an interesting story but like I said before I don’t date women and I’m not sure the difference if lets say someone had a 5inch girth, how it would feel for a women and a guy, I don’t know if it’s the same. Yes I intend to be very consistent to get my goal of 5 inch girth. I am sorry about your break up, but yes this is like a brotherhood and I was shocked that this many people offer there help for nothing other than the sake of helping I’m honestly not used to that in my life.

Wt282- Your right the worst thing I could do is quit, and I really want to make this work. So what your saying is when I jelq I should try to get to 4.25 girth not erect and that means I did it right? Yes since I have little to none fatpad I guess it does make it look longer.

Marinera- Yes I understand that 3 months is still the infant stage of P.E but it just feels like the jelqs I did were pointless cause I don’t know if I’m dong them right.

Commanderblop- Yes your right that there are other issues in my life, and I intend to deal with them but I’m still going to P.E. When I have a workout that feels likes maybe I did it right, it’s a great feeling and P.E gives me a sense that I’m doing something to make things better.

Penismith- Yes your right that I have use P.E as a scapegoat for other things, and maybe in the back of mind I think If I get my goal everything will just fall into place. Yea it does become a obsession to keep your mind of other things. I won’t go as far to say it’s like a drug, but for a time being when I P.E I become ‘drunk’ in a sense to the point I forgot things and it’s all about gaining and nothing else.

Gottahv8- Thank you I know I’m young and hopefully have a lot to look forward to.

Koapu- Yes I intend to get all my questions answered.

I wrote this all quickly in one sitting so I apologize if maybe some of it doesn’t make perfect sense as it’s just my thoughts flowing out. I guess to reiterate the big question I have. Once again thank you anyone who replies.

1. After a girth workout is my ERECT girth supposed to bigger than my normal 4.25 or just having your non erect girth bigger is ok? Is that the only way to tell you had a girth workout that worked?

Big_dreams, I hope you achieve Your goals. The replies to Your thread have great wisdom. I have learned a lot from this. I am sure that in time You will become much longer and thicker.

Remember PE is a marathon not a 40 yard dash!!

Originally Posted by sickjester4
Whilst I don’t have any advice for you, I’m new here.
I’m sure someone else will.
But don’t be so hard on yourself.
Sex isn’t everything mate.
Yeah, it’s good, but it’s not everything in life.
Just hold on a bit longer, and I’m sure someone will reply with some advice for you

Well, I have to disagree. If I had no dick, I wouldn’t want to keep living. But, his situation is not that. He’s got one and it works, so no good cutting the wrists before he breaks his willy in.

Buddy, I’ll tell you two things:

A) Lots of guys have small dicks in length or girth. Not only do they fuck, but they usually have happy sex lives.

B) You can’t hope to do any kind of exercize and see any effect in that short of time. If every fat person trying to loose weight or every skinny person trying to get buff had your attitude folks would be dropping off like flies. Whatever your dick size, it takes dedication and effort to be a good lover. If you can’t have any more sticktoitiveness with PE than this, how will you have enough to learn to use your pecker even if you made it huge in every way?

I suggest you chill and give it some real effort. There is a lot of info here and a lot of guys who will be glad to help you. You didn’t learn enough to graduate high school in a day did you? Have some heart and a little hope. Try again. As long as you are alive, and you have a functioning dick, all is not lost. You have time, so use it. If you try with a little gusto, you’ll be surprised how far you get.

Big Dreams… Yes, I would settle for “average” girth but I’m going for more. I think its possible to get 1.5” in girth. Just takes a lot of dedication and consistency.

I’m not gay, but in hetero world sometimes girth is a problem with anal sex and oral sex… two situations which are the mainstay of gay sexual interaction am I right?

Your length is average and is considered high average (avg being 5.7 inches).

To be honest, even if you didn’t gain, why the fuss. Think about it… there ARE guys smaller than us.

Perhaps when your gay, size is more important? If this is so then it would be very superficial and I would say you deserve better than that.

First off your dick as it is would please many many women. You are above average in length and thick enough to have good sex.

So go out and have sex.

Secondly do PE if you want to make it bigger.

Thirdly the girth I have gained so far came from vacuum pumping. Start here to learn more: Vacuum Pumping 101

Your Jelq strokes are too short, extend them from 2 seconds to 3-5 seconds each stroke. Also nobody is going to treat you any differently just because you are gay, we are all working on the same thing here and will support each-other no matter what, I’m glad we can help you. Just keep up with the routine. Also are you taking rest days? And proper warm up and warm downs?

Thanks For All Your Help

Hey big dreams, your still growing your dick is not finished growing naturally. Please let me mentor you.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!


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