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I think Taco Bell is giving me negative EQ???


I think Taco Bell is giving me negative EQ???

Ever since I started working there, I’ve been eating a lot of Taco Bell. Too much perhaps. Can the kind of food served there impact circulation? It might also have something to do with my ulis. I think they might be having an impact on sensitivity. Any advice?

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Start doing your ulis with a chalupa?

lol no. I do them the same as I always have.

Taco Bell food is processed, preservative-loaded crap (along with virtually all other fast food chain offerings). Could it inhibit your body’s circulation in a significant manner? Maybe, but I can’t say to what extent.

Originally Posted by quickbeam1213
lol no. I do them the same as I always have.

Well, I think I would lay off the ulis for awhile and see if you see any improvement. Probably a good idea to moderate the taco intake also, just for general health reasons.

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I’m sure the food from Taco Bell is not good for you, but my guess is that it’s the PE workouts are a bit much. Take a few days off. Also, don’t eat so much garbage.

Good advice guys. Thanks. I had laready decided that I need to begin bringing my own lunches to work. I was just interested in what everyone else thought. I have no intention of taking time off, but I do think that scaling back the intensity of my PE would be good. Last week was a bit light as far as PE and so my dick is out of practice a bit. Maybe that’s what this is, a reaction to intense exercise due to an unusual amount of time off.

Even if it the Taco Bell has nothing to do with your unit, stop eating it for the rest of your body’s sake.

Taco Bell is made of people! PEOPLE!

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Taco Bell lowers your EQ, and this surprises you? Fast food is never good for your unit.

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I don’t know about lowering EQ, but Taco Bell certainly makes me lose weight because after eating it, I might as well camp-out in the bathroom.

If you use ample hot sauce it might help circulation.


That’s one of the funniest thread titles I’ve ever seen. I actually chuckles when I saw it. I think you’re seeing negative PI’s from the Ulis.

Are you sure that it isn’t something to do with the new job, and not the food?

I.e. Not getting enough sleep, increased stress levels, being on your feet for extended periods of time.

The food is poison designed to not deteriorate on the shelf before being sold to the indiscriminate eater and so is loaded with preservatives and other chemicals, none of which are anything to do with nutrition.

My step-daughter continues to eat fast food even though it turns her bowel to liquid.

She`s 19 though.

She knows everything.

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