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I suppose hanging is the way to go but am I ready yet?

I suppose hanging is the way to go but am I ready yet?

Hello everybody, small and big dicks!;)

I just have to say thanks a lot to everyone here ranging from the growing and knowledge-seeking members to the masters here who`ve reached their goal but still hang around to help others reach their goals. It warms to see such enthusiasm and compassion. You ALL contribute and make this a lovely community. Then finally to the dreaded question:

I`ve been following the newbie routine now consistently for perhaps 8-10 weeks and have gradually increased to 10 minutes stretching, 30 minutes jelq and 50 5-sec kegels and two sets of 250 fast kegels. My starting measurements was:

BPEL: 12,5 cm —> now 13,5 cm
EG: 11,5 cm —> now 12 cm
BFFL:8 cm

Here in Norway we measure in meters,decimeters and centimers but I think 1 inch is 2,6 cm am I right? Sorry for confusing you with this but I can type in measurements in inches later if I can get this doublechecked:-)

Anyway, my objective is to gain both length and girth of course but as many others have suggested I will focus on length first. To achieve this I think perhaps hanging is the best alternative and I want to start as fast as possible but am I ready yet? I`ve read that you should jelq/stretch a while before starting with hanging but I guess I`ve been doing that long enough? In case I`ve decided to buy a hanger from Bigger but I`m not sure whether I`ll choose the starter or the original.

Sorry for the long post but they always wind up long and boring:-)

Thanks for all input!

Hi Ren—

Welcome! I think you’ve probably conditioned yourself well enough to begin hanging light weight. I, myself did the Newbie routine for a mere 4 weeks before hanging.

If it’s any help, I love hanging more than any other form of PE I’ve tried—-it really seems to get the job done. But that’s just me.

I recommend trying it. But you should anticipate a learning curve and take it real slow at first.

Keep posting on your progress.

How’s the weather in Norway? Do you guys use the EuroDollar?


Thank you CaptnHook! The weather is fine thank you and we still use our beloved “krone”, not eurodollars:-)

Guess I will order a hanger from Bigger sometime soon then. The plan is to stick with my current routine and just experiment with the hanger until I`m comfortable with it and gradually change the routine to only hanging for length and 10-15 min jelqing for some girth and general penis health:-) Not sure whether to order the starter or the regular hanger, I will probably find the answer in the archives if I take a search.


Bigger can answer the question of which to order better than I can.. It has a lot to do with your size, and I can’t make heads or tails out of measurements recorded in cm’s.
I am however down with the krone!


13,5 cm is just about 5” and 12 cm is 4,5”. I think I will order the starter;-) I`m really looking forward to hanging!

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