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Jelqing: Suppose to feel tug similar to hanging?

Jelqing: Suppose to feel tug similar to hanging?

I thought the Newbie forum would be a good place to put this since I am sure there are more people wondering about this. I have been jelqing off and on for the past several years and started up again in hopes that I will make some good gains this time and not just slack off with my routine. When I jelq, Ill do the “ok” grip with my thumb and finger and jelq. However, I wanted to know, when I am at about 50% erection or more I can feel when I run my hand down the shaft of my penis that when I am near the head, I can basically “tug” at my penis so I feel a stretch internally, similarly to a stretch when someone is hanging their penis and they feel a stretch “within”. Is this something I should be concentrating on when I jelq or should it be more so making sure blood is forced through the shaft of the penis and not on the “tug”? Thank you!

I wouldn’t focus on the tug; it’s not the primary purpose of jelqing. At certain erection levels and types of force it happens naturally, but it is not necessary for a good jelq. That’s why we stretch as well as jelq. :)

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