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I started to gain size in girth. It works


I started to gain size in girth. It works

This is my first post.

(I messed up my name and can a moderator or some PE god change the e to E in my name)?
Example: ObiE1CanBlowMe

Sorry for the parentheses (brackets), I like to use them a lot for my notes.

As the title says, I started gaining penis girth and maybe a little non bone pressed length.

I have decided I don’t want to state my penis size and I don’t want to post before and after pictures and I don’t want to state my penis size gains.
(I was thinking I might post an after picture of when I reach a really big penis size. If I reach that size and I want my penis even bigger, I will make my penis even bigger and take another picture of my gains).

I have started out with the newbie routine (I did the linear routine).
I did this for about 3 to 6 months but did not get any results/gains.

After the newbie routine I tried many different exercises and got no results.

Some exercises I did for a short time (two weeks or maybe it was less) and did not like and probably don’t advise people to try after the newbie routine:
- Bundled stretches: They are just a crazy exercise, and probably only stretch this one area only where it twists (which means I don’t think you stretch the tunica evenly).
- Horse440squeezes: I don’t think you should ever jelq backwards (the head of the penis), another name for this exercises is just to do double clamping which is a better ideal exercise.
- (Some exercise I did not try but just sounds stupid, where you stretch your penis through your butt and you like sit on it).

Here is the routine that I started to gain penis size in girth.
I got about 1/16 of an inch gain in girth about every 2-4 weeks.

Penis exercise that I am doing: Girth Blasters.
They are like a better version of jelq squeezes. It’s where you grip the base of the penis with one hand, then you take your other hand and make a grip above that and jelq with that hand. Once you reach below the head of the penis with that hand, you then take that hand and grip behind your other grip at the base of the penis and then with that other hand grip does the jelq and you repeat the process. You will always have a grip at the base of the penis and your penis should be engorged better this way.
To know your doing it right, you will feel and maybe see you penis getter harder and bigger as you make your way up your penis.

I do them at high erection level at least %80 of an erection.

200 reps/strokes of the regular/standard ok grip (palm is facing sideways up).
(Pointer finger applies pressure to one side of the penis while the thumb is applying a little pressure too).
100 reps/strokes of the overhand ok grip (palm is facing down).
(Pointer finger applies pressure to the bottom of the penis while the thumb applies a little pressure too).

Now your wondering why I am gaining with this right?
- Girth blasters is new to me, but I also am trying some other new stuff too that I believe is why I am gaining girth size.
- I am doing this routine every 24 hours or just every day and I am pretty sure this is the main reason why I am gaining right now. It may because it has something to do with muscle memory or I am just a hard gainer.
- I think my technique is good where I am applying the most pressure at. Do note that I try to grip evenly around the penis. What is new this time is that I never tried putting pressure at the bottom of the penis with the overhand grip, because I heard you should not apply pressure at the bottom and especially the top of the penis. I use to do a overhand grip like this ^.
- This is the most amount of reps I have gotten to (I do less overhand reps because I want more CC gains than CS gains and that at first overhand grips+girth blasters killed my wrists).
- Another new thing is that if I get too erect, I just go with it.
- Another new thing is that if I get too dry, I just go with it.
(I do 50 strokes until I stop and wait for the erection to go down a little while I apply more lube, I am only using lotion that drys up after about 20-30 strokes).

Congratulations on your gains!

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Congrats on your gains. Also, you win one million internet dollars for the stellar user name.

Thank you.

I would like to add a few more stuff that I left out.

I use to do a warm up, but now I only do a warm down. (Privacy issue).
I like the method where you take a cup, fill the cup up with hot/warm shower water, then you stick your flaccid penis in the cup and if you don’t mind getting your balls hit, also stick your penis and the cup under the shower water so the cup will be filling up with new hot/warm water.

To measure my girth, I took a ruler and copied it with my printer/copier. Then I cut it out, so that I have a inch and centimeter penis girth measurer. The measurements are the same as the ruler. Do note that the smaller the width of the paper, the smaller girth measurement you may get when going around your penis.

When I measure the girth of my penis, I always measure at the same erection quality and with the same force around.

My stretch went from 8.5” to 8.75” but I cannot tell if I am bone pressing harder.

Start: EL 6.75" -> Before PE (stat I told my wife even though I felt I exaggerated and remember EL 5.9")

Current: FBPSL 8.5", BPEL 7.75", EG 5.1" SqueezeEG 5.6 -> June 2012

Goals: BPEL 8.0", EG 5.5" Starting Pics

Congrats man, keep at it!

Congrats man, keep at it!

Congratulations. Keep going man, Well yes it does works :)

Start July 07 2011 = Length 6.5 Girth 5.3 ---> 07 / May / 2012 = NBPEL 7 In / BEG 6.2.5 In / MEG 5.8

Goal : All the way --- And no this is not my photo :D

Bump :)

Some updates: Still gaining. :)

Notes: If your doing this exercise, make sure to grip at the base as close as possible. Also make sure you grip at the base of your penis with one hand before doing a jelq with the other hand (don’t rush it). Also make sure to follow through your jelqs all the way behind the head/glans of the penis.
This is to prevent the baseball bat effect, right now my mid shaft is all the same size, but that very tip area of my penis is still smaller, but I think it’s catching up.

Interesting notes: After a PE session, I go into the shower and play with my penis a little, sometimes I allow myself to ejaculate.
Here is what’s interesting after times of when I ejaculate, later that day if I play with my penis a little to get an erection, my penis gets super hard. There may be a connection with that to people (and myself) who ejaculate before going to sleep/bed and getting a super hard on in the morning.

I got newbie gains and good erection quality with the routine above for around two to three months. The gains stopped around month three, so I decided to take about one month off. During that one month PE break I actually lost almost most of my newbie gains. After the PE break I decided to try cable clamping. The cable clamping did get me back almost most of my newbie gains within the first week, but I did cable clamping for about 2-3 months and got no more gains.

How I was doing my cable clamping:
I started off with cable clamping with the screw/bolt at the underside of the penis and doing one set of 5 minutes with the latch on the left, then 5 minutes rest, then another 5 minutes with the latch on the right and note I did this while watching porn with no ejaculation, but some kegeling.

After about a week or two I cranked up the time to 10 minute set, then 10 minute rest, then another 10 minute set, I also tried using a strip of sock for padding and for covering gaps.

I did try going back to 5 minute cable clamping, but still no gains. After about a month, I decided to try cable clamping with the bolt/screw on the left and right of my penis because that’s how my penis is shaped and no longer with the sock, also I added another 5 minute sets in the shower using hot water and oh boy did that get me erect. About two weeks or so ago I got what I think what is called a blood blister on the underside of my penis probable due to this method of clamping. I took one weeks rest and decided a week ago I will go back to my girth blasters jelqing routine with clamping, and if I or you really want to add in stretching exercises.

My new routine:
Cable clamping - 2 sets of 5 or 10 minutes while watching porn with some kegeling, but no ejaculation, 5 or 10 minute rest between sets.
Stretches - 10 to 30 second tugs in the directions; straight, up, down, left, and right. Also add a good other stretching exercise like hanging.
Girth Blaster jelqs - 400 erect regular grip reps + 100 erect overhand grip reps.
Cable clamping - 2 sets of 5 minutes while in the shower with the hot/warm water on the penis, 5 minutes or less rest between sets.

Notes: I probably will not be doing any stretching exercises and I have never done hanging. Also I probably will only be doing one or the other cable clamping, but sometimes both.
(Girth blaster jelqs - 50 reps or more before stopping, make sure to do them correctly, but you don’t have to do the strokes slow).
(Cable clamping - I decided to go back to cable clamping with the screw/bolt on the underside of my penis).

I need 26 more posts to post in the progress report (members only) thread.

Now I measured everyday (sometimes more than once) during my girth blaster routine and noticed my size sometimes went up mostly or down some and sometimes same. I plan on posting 26 more times to start a progress report thread for me* to keep track of this.

Notes: I have started my new routine for about a week already, and notice the same thing is happening and I think gains will come once again.
Wish me luck.

Looks like I am going to have to post in other threads so I can start that progress report thread for me. No one is interested in this thread, thought my information would be at least a little helpful and that I use all my posts within my own thread.

Also, I forgot to mention during the shower clamping that you should put the warm/hot water on your penis and pee first before you start the clamping.

I think you would have more interest if you posted your gains.

Obie, I was curious if you have been continuing to gain or if instead you are still back at what you got with the girth blasters. I ask because I never gained doing clamping, but I do think I gained some from jelq/squeeze exercises. A word of caution: I suspect clamping may have toughened by tunica while not producing gains. In other words, I wonder if I might have gained more sticking with jelq-type exercises longer before adopting clamping.

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