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how to gain girth?


how to gain girth?

hey guys.. i just started pe’ing and i was wondering what is the best way to gain girth and is it permanent? what is the best routine for girth? and how much can i actually gain? i would love to gain an inch in girth and that is my goal ( i think one inch would be enough) but is it possible to gain an inch in girth? I’ve heard that it isn`t that hard to gain an inch in lenght but girth? thanks guys!

So far I´ve gained girth and not much lenght, so weither its easier to get gain lenght, change from person to person I would say. My favorite girth exercises is long hard squeezes, Uli´s/erect jelqs.

I gained 0,5cm girth last month from:

10-15min squeezes

10-15min Uli´s

15min+ jelqs


>hey guys.. i just started pe’ing and i was wondering what is the best way to gain girth and is it permanent? <

The best way to gain girth is to do some searches with the button in the top corner of the screen, and also, to read all the threads in the newbie forum, starting at the top, and work your way down. Oh and apply what you learn of course.

If you don’t have the motivation to read up for yourself you don’t have what it takes to stick with PE anyway.


I’ve gained quite a bit of girthin the two months that I’ve been mostly jelqing. Every other day increasing length and intensity every week or so. I’ve taken a two-week break with only some stretches here and there.

I believe most guys here gain in girth first. I’m up to 200-250 wet jelqs since the end of August and my flaccid hang is better too. I also do stretches but haven’t seen any change in erect length.

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To gain girth you need to do an exercise called the big squeeze. Using an ok grip as a turniquet, squeeze the base of your penis while in a semi erect state. With your other hand squeeze your penis for ten seconds. Then rest for ten seconds and repeat for about 5-10 sets.

Read up on it and take it easy.

People tend to jump in too fast. Don’t be stupid. Work up slowly to advanced girth stuff like clamping, squeezes, uber jelqs.

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Do you guys realise that he asked this question almost 4 years ago?

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Good job on the old thread.

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All I saw was briannickel2002’s response. I replied to that, because the newbie forum is a bad place to push advanced exercises.

So, thanks for being so useful nick33 and ERambone.

4-07: 6.0 x 5.3 8-07: ?

Goal: 8.0 x 6.5 Deficit: 2.0 x 1.2 Currently 75% x 81%

Gooooooooooo GIRTH!

Link to my PE Stats.

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Hooray for Girth.

I think a major pump.

Above recommended pumping I know.

Maybe 10 mins on 10 pressure?

I don’t advice this for anyone like but I think ill try it out some point.

Obviously along with long time low pressure routine.

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Be careful with the pump at first. Exploded capillaries and bruising are not pretty to look at. If you feel a painful burn back off the pressure.

Originally Posted by Nick33

Do you guys realise that he asked this question almost 4 years ago?

Let’s make it 6 now!

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

I will tell you how to gain girth but you cannot stray from this!!

I cannot stress that the first sign of discoloration STOP, if you experience low eq the next day STOP I actuelly recomend you only do excersizes evry other day, you will see improved wood and will be hanging lower and looking healthier, no beat up sausage lookin bull..
This is what you want to do.THIS IS ONLY FOR EXPERIENCED JELQERS
It involves erect jelquing
You want to firmly grab the targeted area and jelq, (this is good for evening out a baseball effect)
Do a low number (20-50) then do the same amount of kegals, or more if you this untill you cannot preform any more kegals, this is to make sure you never lose EQ.and I cannot stress the need for a rest day inbetween, you can do kegals on the rest day, but no kind of excersizeing, maybe some light stretching to prevent turtling..

I have been jelquing for years now and I have experienced all kinds of problems, low EQ, no EQ, discoloration, priapism,
I am sooo lucky my penis isnt permanently damaged.
I never jelq any more, but if you want to do it you HAVE TO DO IT SAFELY
I have good strong arteries, I’m sure if I had any problems my penis wouldn’t be working.I also made sure my health was in peak condition before realy getting into jelquing.

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