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I need some length

I need some length

Hello I am new to PE and have been following the newbie routine. I am on the eager side to get length I am at 5.5 NBPEL and would like to try and be over 6 by my birthday (march 25Th). I am looking for exercises in the Manuel department. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated thanks guys.

Yes I am getting familiar with the newbie routine but any specific advice for max length gains within my time span.

The only thing I can suggest is to throw the time frame out of the window. Following the Newbie Routine, you will either grow fast or slow. It all depends upon your body and how it responds.

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Thanks for the feedback, another question any exercises target a gain in the flaccid hang department. I’ve been looking through the search on here through my phone and don’t see any, I don’t know if its because I’m searching through my phone that I’m not seeing search results or what but any knowledge would be appreciated

Jelqs give a fatter flaccid. Some people wear ads for flaccid length. Generally speaking, the more blood goes in your penis while flaccid and the more the flaccid hang improves.

Thank you I greatly appreciate the input

Another question

I seem to be gaining so far when I’m erect but I am not seeing much flaccid gains. Am I doing something wrong or is all well?

I’d say all is well. Not everyone gains in the same way. A lot of guys will see flaccid gains first, but as long as you’re gaining somewhere, be glad. Congrats!

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Originally Posted by Ready2gain89
Another question

I seem to be gaining so far when I’m erect but I am not seeing much flaccid gains. Am I doing something wrong or is all well?

Remember you don’t have sex with a flaccid penis. That said, flaccid gains will come in time.

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You are right and thanks guys for everything

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