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Post-Workout Flaccid Stretched Length ( FSL )

Post-Workout Flaccid Stretched Length ( FSL )

I couldn’t find a lot of information on this. Sorry if it’s been explored in depth elsewhere.

For those who have gained length, did/do you notice a measurable increase in flaccid stretched length post-workout (even if only temporary)? Note that I’m not talking about flaccid hang here, but FSL. And I’m not talking about eye-balling either—this question is for those who actually measure before and after (does anyone do this?). It seems logical to me that to gain length, your BPEL and/or FSL would need to be slightly longer during the workout period and for a while after. I imagine you would then partially heal in this extended state (however little the increase), then the temporary increase in length would mostly—but not totally—recede back to just above your previous maximum length. This would lead to permanent or semi-permanent gains over the long run. This might not be how it really works, but I personally don’t know how growth could be achieved if you never actually stretch past your current max length.

The reason I ask is that I haven’t made any gains during the periods I have tried PE. And during these periods, I rarely saw an increase in FSL or BPEL post-workout (aside from a slight increase in glans size). The exceptions were during more intense manual stretching sessions and the couple times I tried hanging, neither of which am I capable of working into my routine at this time. I’m not really interested in making this thread about my routine, though. I just want to know what people think about post-workout length increase, and if gainers think it’s a necessity for growth. It would be nice to be able to measure my FSL post-workout, and know I was on the right track if I saw an increase from pre-workout, and maybe on the wrong track if I saw none.

I suppose it is possible that a typical post-workout length increase might be immeasurable but existent, and over time these minuscule gains would add up. But I’m curious if gainers are seeing something more than an immeasurable increase.

Starting (June 2011) : 7.50" NBPEL / 8.25" BPEL / 5.25" EG / 9.00" BPFSL

Current (Sep 2011): 7.75 NBPEL / 8.5" BPEL / 5.25" EG / 9.25" BPFSL

Long-term Goal : 9.00" NBPEL / 9.75" BPEL / 6.00" EG

Yes, I have seen increases in BPFSL after hanging or the use of an extender device. Typically the increase is small, like 1/16” but occasionally more like 1/8”.

It could be shorter, though, if you have worked girth.

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