I like this stretch

Here is a stretch that I love to do before I go to sleep. Well laying down on my back I grab my penis just under the glands in an overhand ok grip. I do a straight out pull stretch. Now here the fun part with the opposite foot that I grab my penis with. So if I used my right hand for the grip then I use my left foot. I bend it towards my groin and lock it behind my hand that holding the stretch on my penis. Because your foot and leg wants to naturally go back straight all the tension goes to your hand holding the stretch. Very intense stretch and at first my grip would give out pretty quickly. Now I’m able to hold the stretch for a good 30 to 40 secs. When my hand gets tired I just switch to the other hand.

I just want to say again that this is an intense stretch. So I don’t recommend anybody trying this out with a couple of months of experience first.

Thanks everyone and tell me what you think of this stretch.