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I have gains but I have a problem

I have gains but I have a problem

HI guys,

Joined up a few weeks ago and loving the forum.

Been PEing on and off for over a year and decided time to get serious with it

So I’m starting out on a newbie routine again of manual stretches, jelqs, Kegels and pumping.

I’m getting some good gains not after 3 weeks, especially in girth - but concerned in lack of improvement in length but these things take time.

Anyway reason I’m posting is I’m noticing I’m not getting my morning erections and in fact in general it’s harder for me to get erect and stay fully hard. Can anyone shed some light on this? I don’t feel I am working it too hard and if you need an exact routine I can post that too, but just wanted to generally know is this common

Morning erections are a very doubtful PI. There are several sleep cycles in a night and you’ll only get an erection in REM sleep. When you don’t have a morning erection when you are asleep, it means that you have woken up from non-REM sleep. I wouldn’t worry about that.

Thanks Bird2
What about the fact that’s it’s generally harder for me to stay erect and get erect? Maybe it’s cos it’s getting bigger and has to learn to fill up with blood to a new larger volume?


It’s the kegels and pumping. If you do kegels, you have to take days off because the PC muscle is a muscle - it needs it’s rest to function properly. I would balloon instead of pump, I’ve heard alot of people say that pumping makes your erections weaker. You’ll get those night and morning erections back in a matter of days.

Ajcahoots, I seem to struggle with this problem too. Although it has improved now, even my girlfriend noticed it. :(

I think most guys can’t get fully erect after starting PE because of a mental block. Your mind plays tricks on you to prevent you from being fully erect because deep down in the back of your unconscious you really don’t want to be disappointed if you see no gains.

I can’t keep it up longer than a few seconds once I take out the ruler. But that’s just my opinion I am no expert.


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HI just well I’ve been doing 2 on 1 off, and took 2 off yesterday. Today woke up with a morning glory so every things back together again. Think maybe when you work your muscles, like any muscle it gets tired. Also possibly because it’s growing in size and your dick is used to filling to a certain size, it’s more effort to fill up to a new size?? Well I’m not expert, but just my thoughts

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