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I hate my penis and I hate life right now; what do I do?


I hate my penis and I hate life right now; what do I do?

Hello all, I’m back again, I always find myself coming back here for advice.

Well I still have the same stupid things stuck in my head, I am completely insecure about the size of my penis, but more about its appearance. I was circumcised at 17 and have scars and stitch marks from the procedure and there is a ridge where the skin has been sown back on the shaft, I am 21 now. I am 5.1” EL and 4.3 EG.

Every time I find myself in a situation where I could have sex or have any sort of intercourse I find a way out of it. I no I have just got to say fuck it and go for it, I’m just so scared. All my friends are having sex with loads of girls while I avoid it. Also not having much experience doesn’t help at this age. I have got to stop feeling sorry for myself and start doing something about it, I need to lose these insecurity’s. Its hard everyone knows everyone Else’s buisness round here and one comment about my small scarred up cock will last forever. What do I say when girls ask why are there scars and marks on my unit?

Any advice? Am I making a fuss over nothing? What do I do?

Any help would be great thanks.

This is going to sound like bad advice, because it probably is, but I’m going to be truthful here, and if I were you and a virgin and scared and insecure about showing the little guy to a blabbermouth girl that’s sure to broadcast your proportions and scar marks to the entire town, I’d hire a hooker. Sort of a skydiver principle. If you over think, you will never jump out of that plane but once you just do it, you love it, and want to do it over and over. I wouldn’t be too worried about the scar marks. Just say that you got a circumcision or that it’s just a birthmark. If it really bothers you, which it really shouldn’t, you could wear a dark colored condom to cover it up or just do it in the dark.

The good ole candy coated usual advice would be “size doesn’t matter” and “she doesn’t care about how big you are” and all of that, but I’ll be honest with you. You do not want to sleep with a girl that knows people you know cause chances are, as sweet and nice as she might seem, she’ll probably be a blabbermouth, and every other goddamn girl you know will know every inch and scar of your cock and there will be shits and giggles behind your back for the rest of your goddamn life. I learned the hard way. Now I just use hookers! If you don’t want to take the hooker route, find some girls on the way opposite end of town (or just girls who don’t know other girls that you might want to date). If things work out and you get into a serious relationship and trust each other, then feel free to introduce her to your friends. If the relationship does take a sour turn, and she starts spreading nasty rumors about your cock, she’ll be discredited because people will just assume she’s making these things up because hates you. And besides, they were your friends first so they will probably take your side. At this point, you can say that her pussy always stunk up the house to the point of gagging and that her vagina was hairier than Robin Williams balls.

But the answer you’re probably looking for is - just fuck with the lights off. Hope this helps.

Have you talked to your physician about scar reduction/removal? A number of treatment options are available. Cortisone or steroid injections, laser treatments, dermabrasion, silicone creams/steroid creams, etc..

Some you can only get from a doc. Some, like silicone sheets and creams, are available online. How effective the at home treatments are is debatable. I question the use of any at home cream that does not contain silicone.

I have used silicone products for scar reduction with some success. I am talking reduction, not removal. And what I did took quite some time, no overnight treatment for me. You have nothing to loose by talking to a doctor.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

OR, you could just wait until you find someone who you love, and who loves you regardless of whether you have ‘the perfect penis’.

You could wait until you can have sex with someone who you have a pretty good idea is not an idle gossip - and you’ll figure THAT one out well before you hit the bedroom. If you don’t like the way she talks about other people in front of you, you probably aren’t going to like the way she talks about you behind your back, now or in the future.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Hey. Well first of all, girls don’t generally spend too much time examining the aesthetics of a man’s penis. When you get into an intimate situation, work on your foreplay, essentially starting at the top and working your way down. I’m talking 20-30 minutes of making out, touching and undressing the girl. Make sure the room is slightly dark, just for your own first time comfort. Over time, you won’t be concerned about this.

Once the girl is naked and aroused, slip on a condom. If you are really worried, once again, you can use an opaque condom. This is only for your comfort, as the girl seriously won’t care once you’re in the moment. And if she asks what the scars are?

Every dick looks different, and honestly, 95% of women will understand ‘I had a circumcision a few years ago instead of when I was a baby’.

Here’s a real life example from my recent experiences:

A few weeks ago, after a decent date, a new girl and I ended up at my apartment. We were in bed, kissing, touching and whatever else. She was relatively flat chested but, I just figured that it was her natural breast size. Finally we start getting naked, except she won’t take her top off. Finally, she tells me that she has a scar from a double mastectomy (breast removal due to breast cancer) and is embarrassed about it. So, I tell her I don’t mind either way (top on or off), so she decides to leave it on, and we proceed to have great sex a few times that night/morning. The next time we hook up, she was comfortable taking the top off and you know what? A scar is a scar. Everyone has one or two. Not a big deal. She’s still hot, she’s still nice and she’s still good in bed.

I don’t know if we will continue seeing eachother, but I can assure you I’ve seen a lot of non-scarred boobs, and to be honest, scars wouldn’t really be a factor in my opinion of her.

And think, how much more do men like to see boobs, than women like to see penises? Dude, it’s really not that bad. Just keep your PE up and get to work on that foreplay!

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If you want to loose this insecurity, you have to step out of your comfort zone. I don’t agree with hookers but I would recommend the next best thing. I think drunk girls from bars and clubs are what you need. If the light are off or you put it in before she gets to look at it, then you are probably safe. However, I have never been insecure about how my dick looks so take my advice with discretion.

Do PE and get your unit to 5.6”BPEL x 4.8”EG and you will have a perfectly standard/normal/common size. Right now you are a little below average, but not much. Do this and you will have no logical reason to worry(the scars mean nothing, many guys have them, and beside girls want to ride you dick not look at it).

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Hey man if you gotta get it off your chest you gotta get it off your chest. It’s not trivial if it’s important to you.

Originally Posted by gainerihope
What do I say when girls ask why are there scars and marks on my unit?

You say you had a circumcision, maybe get it out the way early so there are no surprises. I would do it before she saw my dick.

Originally Posted by gainerihope
Its hard everyone knows everyone Else’s buisness round here.

You say that because you probably know everyone elses business. You want to know this because you are paranoid. Your paranoia probably stems from your insecurities. Sort them out, lose the paranoia. However just acknowledging what’s wrong and what’s right with you is usually a step in the right direction. So less talky more pe(y).

I don’t mean to sound blunt, just my 2 cents. I can emphasize with your trains of thought.

Thanks for the replys guys. Im not sure a lot of girls no much about circumcisions here, as there not commen here in the UK as they are in the US. Why cant girls just be nice and keep there fucking mouths shut.

Because they are not like us bro :D Heck some guys are even gossipy and bitchy. C’est la vie.

Yea I no, I find myself bitching a lot so I cant really say much.

I got cut because I had tight foreskin and so I could have sex, now I’m cut I’m embarrassed about it and embarrassed about the scars. Like it would be some massive roomer that I got circumcised a few years back. “oh he had an operation on his dick don’t go near him”. Even my mates would be like what the fuck and wouldn’t understand. Its a fucking shit situation. Think I’m gonna have to go with the hookers for life.

You know what? If it really really bothers you, I might suggest this idea.

A while ago I was watching Oprah and Dr. Oz was on, and he and some other specialist were treating people afflicted with extreme cases of OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. At the end of their treatment, most or all of them had greatly improved their condition, and if I can remember, some I’d say 80-90% cured. Dr.Oz and his colleague told the patients to touch the inside of a dirty garbage bin, and then lick their hands. The two doctors did it first. Shocking, even for people without OCD to do. I can’t imagine how they were capable of doing that, but they all did it. Then they did some other stuff like making a huge mess and then having to just stand there staring at it without being allowed to clean it up and some other hilarious shit. Awesome pioneering treatment I think, rather than the usual pills and paying hundreds of dollars an hour to a shrink who just sits there and doesn’t say shit. I think you know what I’m getting at.

I’d say it might help you to post a picture of your scars here on Thunders Place, and you’ll see that all that stuff was just in your head and you had nothing to agonize over after all. And/or you could just sleep with a girl and find that she doesn’t give a shit, granted she isn’t a superficial bitch. I mean would you care if your girlfriend had scars on her tits from her having bumped into something with her tits that would require stitches that would leave her with scars? If you love her, who gives a shit! Long as her ass is still as smooth as her perfect tits once were. And if she loves you, she won’t care what your dick looks like. I’m fuck ugly, in the face, and that’s even worse! Can’t hide that unless I want to wear a mask in the club and look like a rapist! Most girls actually don’t really put that much significance on a man’s appearance. Personality is where it counts and how you can make her feel. It’s all about feelings with them girls! Though to be honest this could backfire, and it could in fact be the case that you have a horrifying looking penis that would make nurses burst into tears of terror. At that point I’d suggest what iamaru suggested, or, just fuck with the lights off with a black-colored condom. Or, get a penis tattoo! It’ll be awkward as hell if your tattoo artist is a big tough looking man, but you won’t give a shit if you’re drunk! And trust me, you’ll want to be drunk when the needle hits your scrotum. You could try temporary tattoos or putting make-up on your dick. If make-up artists can do the shit they do in Hollywood, I’m sure there’s a solution for covering up a few scars on a penis. Easy peesy.

Though to be honest man, you don’t have to be worried about this. There are much more bigger things to worry about. Like pre-nuptials and why is her shit all over the bathroom and christ she could’ve saved the last piece for you and what the fuck is her obsession with pinking up the whole fucking house and car about and fuck, her best friend is a skank and why are her parents such massive cocksuckers. At that point I can’t even get a fucking erection anymore and I don’t even feel like fucking you anymore and I just had a few beers after work for god’s sake you jealous insecure slut and why can’t you just leave me the hell alone and I know the fucking rent is due cause I’ve been paying it myself for the last six months you broke slut and christ you’re gaining weight. Now I just use hookers! And life has been great ever since. And hilariously, they cost less than an actual girlfriend! In all seriousness, I think all of this advice from all of these guys apply to not only scarred penises, but guys who feel inadequate in general, size wise and just in life-wise. That extra inch won’t make up for the fact that you’re a jackass. I’m doing PE for me, for my own personal sexual enjoyment, cause fuck if I care if my hooker gets an orgasm! I get frequent fucker miles; every fifth fuck is free! Competition’s stiff, especially in this economy, and they need repeat business. Good time to get inside some whores! Oh yeah.

JohnnyIce thank you.

The putting pics up idea I will give a go and a penis tattoo now that really got me thinking, I could actualy see myself doing that and im not a tattoo kinda guy.

If i went out tommorow and just got my cock out to everyone I new and showed em whats going on, that would work like the Dr. oz theory, I no that for a fact. I would have to take shit for a gd yr but then id be sweet. But I just aint got the fucking bottle mate, so fuck that lol.

Originally Posted by gainerihope
Yea I no, I find myself bitching a lot so I cant really say much.

Exactly man, cut all that out and it wont be the first thing your mind goes to. It wont matter or it just wont be happening. Break the cycle.

Originally Posted by gainerihope

Every time I find myself in a situation where I could have sex or have any sort of intercourse I find a way out of it. I no I have just got to say fuck it and go for it, I’m just so scared. All my friends are having sex with loads of girls while I avoid it. Also not having much experience doesn’t help at this age. I have got to stop feeling sorry for myself and start doing something about it, I need to lose these insecurity’s.

Dude I feel for ya, this is my exact problem. I base my whole “manhood” on my penis size and aesthetics and it really sucks. I have just tried to avoid females in general i.e. I don’t go out on the weekend or anytime for that matter, try not to even look at them at school because I know it is a futile in the end to try to start a relationship with my insecurities. Like you, all my friends hook up with lots of total hottie’s and it doesn’t help that my closest male friends are all over 8 inches with me being at 5. I am actually very good at hooking up with women personality wise but I try to avoid all contact because of my complex that I have about my junk. By the way, I am also a competitive natural bodybuilder, 5’10, 220 lb, at 7% body-fat with a pretty good mug and I still see my flaws. On “problem” with my genetics is stopping me from becoming the stud I know I really am (hence my name ;) ) Hang in there dude, it’s tough I know. I got around the hooker problem by just being a swinger, random hookups, the sex urge is really hard to control but I still manage to have sex 4 or 5 times a year.

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