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I hate my penis and I hate life right now; what do I do?


Originally Posted by gainerihope
Yea I no, I find myself bitching a lot so I cant really say much.

I got cut because I had tight foreskin and so I could have sex, now I’m cut I’m embarrassed about it and embarrassed about the scars. Like it would be some massive roomer that I got circumcised a few years back. “oh he had an operation on his dick don’t go near him”. Even my mates would be like what the fuck and wouldn’t understand. Its a fucking shit situation. Think I’m gonna have to go with the hookers for life.

Hey buddy,

I got cut at 16 too for similar reasons. Still have a circumcision scar and a ridge too. Honestly I never gave it an ounce of thought and no one has ever complained about it once. All I have heard is positive rumors about my penis from girls’ friends - and this was even before I started PE. Do your PE and don’t worry about how it looks. I swear it doesn’t really matter.

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Originally Posted by gainerihope
Shaving my pubes tomorrow to get that extra inch and then its onnnnnn.

OUCH — just trim them short, I don’t think you want to be all prickly & razor stubbly down there. Like sandpaper.

GainerIhope, welcome to Thunders, a brotherhood linked by pursuit of many things including PE. I gained significantly from executing PE exercises. I was more disciplined in my early days than I am now but PE is very much a part of my life however I have been off for most of this year and have barely lost a thing.

Sir I now have a bigger dick thank to the many brothers on this board and the unparalleled information. Before I came here to Thunders I was like you in many ways, however I was convinced that my curved cock was something to be ashamed off and I was concerned with my size. I have been cured of my concerns and am proud of what I have been blessed with.

Sure thing it’s bigger but for more than that I am more comfortable with my self. None of my sexual partners have seen anything like it but you know what they love it for who it is and what I can do with it. For many of us our challenges do not lie between our legs but rather between our ears. Many of you here on this board are bigger than me some smaller, but it makes no difference my focus is on enjoy sex for what it is.

Sure thing continue doing PE it is good for you, however not only that I think in order to swim you have to wet go out there and fight ” that irrational fear”, what is the worst thing that could happen? No one is going to kill you, go out there learn to be confident and have plenty of fun. On that note although I am very proud of my unit it’s not my unit alone that the women love, it’s the confidence that comes with it and the things I do which I have learnt here and with experience to please my partners. I am by no means the biggest that some of them have been with but I am the best,there is no substitute for passion, there is nothing I do that you can’t do.

I’m there to enjoy the time with them not even compare or compete with their former lovers, I not competing but indulging in something I truly in enjoy. We are a brotherhood, together we learn, grow and share. Relax and have fun.

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Originally Posted by gainerihope
Also anyone know where I can get the chemical aids like viagra or Maxsize in the UK? Just for this time as I will be shitting myself so bad I no I wont be able to keep it up.

Gainer: Go for it, Dude. You’ve got nothing to lose but your virginity. You probably don’t need any aids at all, but if it makes you more confident, You can get generic Cialis from India cheap. Many sites, just Google “Buy Cialis cheap without prescription” The site I use they are less than $3.00 a pill as opposed to $25.00 a pill in the US for the real deal. For my money, the Indian generics work as well as the Name Brand.

Medstore dot com

Good luck, and do keep us posted.

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Originally Posted by gainerihope

I think I’m just going to go round and give it a shot. I’m so scared, I got to stop being such a pussy and deal with it. Shaving my pubes tomorrow to get that extra inch and then its onnnnnn.

That’s the spirit! Oh, and please update us on what’s gonna happen, hehe.

Viagra or Cialis, or are they pretty much the same?

Seems like the viagras cheaper.

1. Don’t get a hooker. That is not going to solve anything and just distort reality all the more for you.
2. I am in the exact same boat - we have similar sized penises, although you might have more girth…I am close to 4.0 at the tip and like 4.5 at the base.
3. Find a good woman and get married. You should be unashamed and naked with one another, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it.

Originally Posted by gainerihope
Hello all, I’m back again, I always find myself coming back here for advice.

Well I still have the same stupid things stuck in my head, I am completely insecure about the size of my penis, but more about its appearance. I was circumcised at 17 and have scars and stitch marks from the procedure and there is a ridge where the skin has been sown back on the shaft, I am 21 now. I am 5.1” EL and 4.3 EG.

Every time I find myself in a situation where I could have sex or have any sort of intercourse I find a way out of it. I no I have just got to say fuck it and go for it, I’m just so scared. All my friends are having sex with loads of girls while I avoid it. Also not having much experience doesn’t help at this age. I have got to stop feeling sorry for myself and start doing something about it, I need to lose these insecurity’s. Its hard everyone knows everyone Else’s buisness round here and one comment about my small scarred up cock will last forever. What do I say when girls ask why are there scars and marks on my unit?

Any advice? Am I making a fuss over nothing? What do I do?

Any help would be great thanks.

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Hell yeah, bro. Beat that pussy up and lose that v!

Originally Posted by gainerihope
Viagra or Cialis, or are they pretty much the same?

Seems like the viagras cheaper.

IMO: Cialis, much better, stays in your system for days, doesn’t fuck with your eyes as much.

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Just wanna say that I know exactly what you are going through, I’m 19 and I was circumcised at 10 due to the foreskin being too tight. It has prohibited my sex life no end, I hate the scars, they look disgusting. I did however manage to lose my virginity, when I was 14 I met a lovely girl and we got together, I couldn’t really tell you how I got the confidence but I think that at that age it didnt bother me as much. I was with her for 3 years and yes, she did notice obviously and ask me pretty early on, I think she was more embarrassed about asking than the other way around tbh. Being from the UK it wasn’t surprising that she had never seen a circumcised penis before so she wasn’t actually sure if it was circumcised or just deformed. She asked me if I was circumcised and we laughed about it.

Turns out, she much preferred it to her previous partners because I could go a lot harder than they could due to not having a foreskin that can be ripped.
Since we broke up, it’s become more of an issue tbh, I havnt had the courage to get with girls even in my second year at uni, furthest I’ve gone is kissing. I know exactly what you are saying when you worry about your friends finding out, I personally would never want them to know about it.. Finding a girl out of your loop is the best bet, and don’t tell your friends about her at first.

It’s a horrible problem I just thought id let you know you arent alone.

P.S. I’m considering getting some sort of scar reduction done, not sure if I’m going to start with cream or use laser surgery, I better ask my doctor. Good luck mate. It’s nice to see I’m not the only one ;)

Two words for you man — cocoa butter! Rub some on every night before going to sleep to smooth out scars. It’s really great for smoothing scars, stretchmarks, different skin tones, etc.. Hope it works just as well for you as it has for me!

What ever happened, gainerihope?? We are interested.

Just keep in there, and you’ll pull through.


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