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I hate my penis and I hate life right now; what do I do?

I know how you feel man! I myself was circumcised at a later age, age 11. Not because of tight foreskin whatsoever but it’s just the custom here in my country that every guy who reaches pubescence should have his penis circumcised or suffer being ridiculed for the rest of your life. It’s pitiful to be honest that a lot of people here are close-minded. I bet 95% of guys here are all circumcised at that age. I also had few scars on my unit but it’s not that bad on my point of view and I have learned to deal with it. Like everyone here said, most girls, if not all, wouldn’t mind how her guy’s penis looks like as long as the guy who owns it knows how to use it. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

No problem man, glad I helped. Though in full disclosure I have to say I was absolutely joking about the dick tattoo. That is fucking insane. Do not put a needle to your dick. Holy fuck. Though if you do have the balls to do that, then you are a fucking badass. I think a dick tat might actually scare off girls even more so, or they might acknowledge the fact that you are indeed one badass motherfucker for having been able to do that, and then want to fuck the living shit out of you. Seriously though, that’s crazy, and you know what, circumcision is really common here in the states and a hell of a lot of guys have scar tissue from it and it doesn’t make one damn bit of difference with the girls. Millions of guys. A lot of girls actually like cut men a lot. Hell I watched a porno where the guy sort of had a botched surgery and a part of his foreskin was still intact. Girl didn’t mind and I still came. Didn’t even really notice it. I wouldn’t give a fuck if my dick looked like an old hooker on heroin. Anyway, I hope you do post pictures on here and I’m sure you’ll see you never really had anything to worry about in the first place.

Women are almost never as concerned with the looks of a penis as much as we are. Has a woman ever actually asked you about the scars, has anyone? I doubt you will ever have to explain your penile scars to anyone, and I’m sure they look worse to you than anyone else. Also, the scar tissue will probably fade some with time, adult circumcision can be pretty traumatic. Also, I doubt your size will be in question by women either. However, if you ever come across a lady/man or anyone so bold as to make any comment about your size or the scars, just tell her/them you had to have a size reduction. procedure, and it left some scars. :leftie:

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I’m totally the wrong person to be giving advice over this issue, but I think it would help you to have sex. At least once. You have to see what you can do. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but you probably have the perfect dick for a chick to grind on for g-spot and clitoral stimulation. Be nice to her, get her excited, eat her out, whip your dick out AND HAVE A LOOK ON YOUR FACE LIKE YOU KNOW YOU”RE THE MAN, stick that dick inside her all the way and grind on her clit. She’ll cum. Hard. Talk dirty to her.

I feel you. My penis doesn’t have any late scars, but I am very self conscious about it’s size, and it has drawn me away from trying to have sex until I make it bigger

Man, you guys need to get laid. I can understand something like “Locker room Phobias” for guys who may not show an impressive hang all the time, but women really don’t care, at least most of them don’t. Sure there are Size Queens out there, I know I live with one, I seek them out because I’m turned on by that, but honestly, in my experience, the majority of the ladies out there could care less. A nice looking guy, who knows how to treat women, who has a dick, any sized dick that actually works can get pussy, lots of pussy. Staying a virgin because you have size issues is very sad. Sorry, it’s not that I’m uncaring, I just hate to see young guys wasting their lives. Women are the most precious resource we have on this planet, exciting, exquisite little creatures. For men, getting inside them is everything, Everything!

Don’t waste your youth worrying about how your dick looks. Just use it.

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Dude! Whats the problem? Chicks digg scars!

I got a few scars on my arms, fingers, leg, shin and back, and you know what? Most girls find it rather manly, no matter what the cause of the scar is.

And girls don’t like straight smooth penises! It should be uneven, veiny! Your scars could only provide more texture equals more pleasure.

Other than that your size is perfectly normal, all you gotta worry about is making sure your penis is clean and hard.

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Why did you get circumcised at 17 years of age? You said it your self that they are uncommon in the UK, so I am curious why you got it done.

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Gainer - I live in Wales also, my advice would be: PE intelligently with dedication until you have the unit size you desire (or close to). Until then… try and find a girlfriend online using social networking rather than a dating service; you seem bright enough to make it happen. Once you’ve reached your size… you can begin more local adventures :P

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Man, you guys need to get laid. <SNIP> [W]omen really don’t care, at least most of them don’t. Staying a virgin because you have size issues is very sad. Sorry, it’s not that I’m uncaring, I just hate to see young guys wasting their lives. Women are the most precious resource we have on this planet, exciting, exquisite little creatures. For men, getting inside them is everything, Everything!

Big Girtha knows exactly what he is talking about.

Stop wasting your lives over this. It is all in your head.

As to the scars, my penis is covered with all kinds of dark scarlike marks and seams and what have you. I was born that way. No woman has ever made any comments about it, or has probably even noticed. All they care about is this:

— Do they turn you on?
— Is your penis nice and hard?

If you can give good head on top of that, then you are golden.

There are lots of variations in the penis world, apparently. So don’t sweat it.

I was with a girl for months that didn’t realize I was uncircumcised. I didn’t hide it from her, I just didn’t care. :) I just don’t think they’ll be examining as much as you think they will.

I always recommend that people who have anxiety about the hook-up to use chemical aids to ensure that they will acheive a satisfactory erection. Something like Viagra would work fine, or something like MaxSize you can pick up at Priscilla’s and whatnot.


I’d be worried you’d become dependent on aids like that.

Why not just turn off the lights, and focus on her. I’m sure after a minute or so you’ll forget all about what you were worried about.

Thanks for all the comments guys, really does put me at ease and give me more confidence to get out there and do it.

Clubber - I was circumcised at 17 due to tight foreskin that wouldn’t retract. You see how some of you say its embarrassing to be uncut in America because 95% of guys are cut, its the completely opposite in the UK if you get me.

I have this one chick out the area who has been begging me to come round for ages and I keep making excuses. I think I’m just going to go round and give it a shot. I’m so scared, I got to stop being such a pussy and deal with it. Shaving my pubes tomorrow to get that extra inch and then its onnnnnn.

Also anyone know where I can get the chemical aids like viagra or Maxsize in the UK? Just for this time as I will be shitting myself so bad I no I wont be able to keep it up.


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