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I got sick.and very worried .

I got sick.and very worried .

I remember that I told you guys about my left testicle .my left testicle hang lower than other. I going to hospital today .doctor said :I got Thrombosed Veins with my left testicle .I was very afraid and scared about it .I am 24 this year ,didn’t merried yet. Doctor said it will effected to semen produce . Need to operation .

I have this kind of feeling 1 month ago .I think may be PE especially Jelq let me like this .

I hope other members just care about your health .just take it easy .

Sounds like a varicocele. Google for more info. Not caused by PE. Maybe you noticed it from PEing, or PE aggravated it enough so it came to your attention.

Have the surgery. After everything has healed, get back to PE.

Good luck umudwar hope the operatin is a success

YA good luck and good catch. A testicle lower than the other is normal.

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It is normal, just an anomaly for you, hobby is right, very rare does PE cause a problem like that, you had it before and it became aggravated or noticeable after you starting PE’ing.

I’m sure the surgery is quite common and you’ll be back to normal in no time.

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It is most likely varicocele or “bag of worms” as hobby stated. This condition is quite common and the reason to have the surgery where they remove some of the additional veins is to keep the scrotum cool. The scrotum needs to be 1-2 degrees cooler than body temperature to produce optimal swimmers.


1 month ago my testicle is just fine.I am always in a good health .but 1 month ago I feels a weak discomfort with my left testicle .after few days my left testicle hang lower than the right one .

I just want to ask you guys .this operation was dangerous or not ?is it caused any problem ?
Does any one have this kind of operation ?

Please encourage me .I always thinking about my left testicle right now and always worried .


Thunder’s link gives a very good idea of the progression of the operation.

The guy involved had the operation and was over it in a couple of days, except for recuperation. (soreness).

Like any operation it’s a bit scary but since this is largely non-invasive there shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The best thing is to get it done quickly then you will find you have nothing to worry about.

If the operation is not talked about much then there isn’t much of a problem. Like having a deep splinter removed. It rarely hits the headlines.

Do read the thread Thunder pointed to. It should solve a lot of your worries

Good luck!


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