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Worried about my balls!

Worried about my balls!

Hey guys , I tried doing a search on this but didnt find anything so maybe someone can help. I was looking in the mirror the other night while doing some kegels and I noticed that when I do one , only one of my balls moves upwards (the left one).This didnt worry me that much but upon closer inspection I found that the left one was bigger than the right. Has anyone else experienced this? I know I always have my mobile phone in my right pocket and my mind started working over time about cancer and stuff. I hope one of my balls hasn’t become a dud! Any insight would be great..


I believe it is very common for one of a man’s testicles to be larger and hang lower than the other. Just as it is very common for one of a womans breasts to be larger and lower.

We were taught that in human sexuality class.

As for one moving up and one not, I don’t remember anything being said. But from my own experience my left one moves more, although they both move.

It may have something to do with how much room there is within the inguinal canal on each side. I suppose if one is narrower it may cause additional movement of the testicle on that side.

But bottom line is I think it is normal. (There is always a range of normal)

Thanks alot for your reply , kinda put my mind at rest. I thought it mite be similar to women having one breast bigger but wanted to hear it from someone who knew more than me so thanks!


The nut size differential that you have is common in many men. Not to worry.


Same here, its perfectly normal.But how do you get your testes to move while kegaling.You should be a magician.

Nothing wrong with that, my left nut hangs lower than the right. Speaking of which, check out the link below. These things are awesome, I’m going to order a set for my ATV. I noticed that even the fake plastic nuts have one ball hanging lower.

I agree, my left one is smaller than my right and hanges a bit higher. Not to worry, I fathered four children.

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